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  1. Your body should have it's own attachment point. If you check on your 'worn' tab, it may be sharing an attachment point with something else? Take it off and then right click it in inventory and select 'attach to' then choose maybe left pec or right pec then add again. Make sure nothing else you wear in future is attached to the same point.
  2. Fantasy style rental homes for people who have magic in their souls! Set within beautifully decorated, peaceful land that's available for your exploration and relaxation. Reasonable rents! Adult rated land - no child avatars allowed, sorry! Rainbow's End
  3. As long as you are not so big that you almost block out the sun yes.
  4. I am an Elf and run two sims and a store of my own and I am also a guard on two other sims. Most people we have ever had to ban have been human avatars, in fact I would go so far as to say that 95% of those who incur a ban are human avatars. But, we do not ban humans! Just because one or two of an avatar type may do something wrong does not mean they all need to be banned. Judge the individual, not the whole 'type'. So many human sims and clubs allow only humans and expect Elves to remove their pointed ears and Fairies to remove their wings etc before entering. We don't do that so we leave, having done nothing wrong except not be conventionally human. It is annoying as we do nothing wrong yet are made to feel unwelcome, no matter how beautiful our avatars are or how impeccable our behaviour is. We can be welcomed yes, but only if we remove our fantasy avatar body parts! But, it is human sims loss!
  5. There is plenty of information (Google?) online about domestic animal behaviour so do some research if you want it to be realistic. Watch videos, read articles etc and remember that animals might not be able to speak, but they do communicate and even learn how to communicate to humans about what they need and how they feel. Sadly many humans fail to bother to learn about thier pets behaviour so they miss a lot or misinterprete it.
  6. Money making sims? Haha! Really? Try actually owning one! People pay a LOT of real money for their sims and get precious little back with the majority of visitors never donating a linden when they use them! Creators have to pay out a lot of money for their building materials, uploads etc and if they can scrape even then they are very lucky!
  7. I am surprised that nobody has recommended Alchemy Viewer yet? I have run it for at least two years on my Macbook Pro mid 2012 model and now that I updated to Sierra, it is still by far the best viewer to use. I only use mid graphics anyway (unless I am photographing) and am quite happy to up and down my draw distance as needed. I always disable atmospheric shaders and ambient occlusion anyway as I dislike them but I still keep the basic shaders on. I am a creator as well as a sim owner and Alchemy does me just fine. Try it and see?
  8. Try starting a new thread Steve. Then you may get an answer or two. :matte-motes-sarcasm:
  9. Wat langwidge is dat? :matte-motes-big-grin-evil: (Sorry, no help I know, but I could not resist!)
  10. Look on Market Place or In World for a radio that you can use. I have music in my home using a simple, one prim radio plus it is only heard in my home, not from outside it.
  11. Having always rented, I'm now trying to buy my first piece of mainland. I have decided that if someone puts something hideous up within my view, I am going to derender it! :smileyvery-happy:
  12. I have this same problem with the new SL Viewer upload so am having to use Phoenix instead. So I would like to know what the answer is to this as well if anyone can help?
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