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  1. That indeed worked well but only if i turn off build for group in landsettings, but it works!!! i didnt try that welk enough before i guess thanks so much!! Now last issue i will have to drop at Casper i guess for the bot not inviting to the right role but will get that fixed soon hopefully. thanks for the infos and help! ❤️ peace
  2. I have been kicking out my alt from group after each test and try i did and added her all over, but will try that again. ill let you know in a bit.
  3. I been deviding a part of my laand to test on, even when i just set and not deed the land to group, and mark or unmark landsettings build to group, it doesnt work Really hope anyone can give some more info, i even restarted the sim yesterday to see if it was stuck or whatever ...but thats not it too, i been relogging, the test alt has been walking in and out of the test parcel to make the settings update, even that didnt work. If anyone has a parcel deeded to group and in the group uses "everyone role" without rezzing and "resident role" with rezzing and it works on your land how it
  4. I tried that too, all combinations i seemed to try already, but nothing leads to the option where "everyone role" cant rezz and "resident role" can rezz. this whole enabling/disabling from rezzing seems pointless
  5. Same questions seemed to be asked before, but every case i read, is a different from mine. So i ask a samilar question, just slightly different. I have group deeded land where i want to have people in the everyone role not being able to rezz, and people in a resident role able to rezz. - everyone role has NO rezz rights - resident role has rezz rights Land settings are as following: * build everyone: disabled/NO *build group: enabled/YES Now everyone in the everyone role can rezz on this deeded land, even without the resident role, while th
  6. Funny how LL say its a bug where they work on in 2013....now it is 2017 and i still experience this issue with temp items on my parcel. [04:52] Unable to create item '~JD~ MTF Mouse' that has caused problems on this region I think they have no idea what to do with this issue....very sad coz nothing helps, except removing the object that sends out this error, which is EVERY temp rezzing object!
  7. !!! NEWS FLASH !!! :smileyhappy: How about this temperature? :heart: My husband helped me to pull out my Graphics Card (for the record, he lives in another country atm, so he helped me on Skype mobile of course lol) This graphics card was sooo dusty, i cleaned it with a painting brush, and you really dont wanna know what came out of it, what a shock! All these years i thought that cleaning out the CPU-Fan from the outside, was enough, well i can tell all un-experienced people, that its not enough! L0L. I even cleaned out the fan from the power supply (never knew there were more
  8. I clean out my pc inside once in a while, like every 3 or sometimes 4 months, with the vacuumcleaner, very carefully. I just open the pc and make that carefully, the fan is always a bit dusty. and when its too dusty, the pc shuts down by itself. Then i know i have to clean it again, but mostly i clean it before that happens. I did that about 2 weeks ago for the last time. Any idea how i could cool it down more? Im scared to leave the pc open coz i think more dust will affect the pc then sooner, but maybe there are other ways?
  9. half an hour later now and still got the 'new' draw distance and LOD settings (draw 112 and lod 2.5) and i got the same lag now, one minute lag and few minues it goes good.... i really dont think its about those settings, but i will leave them like they are for now. now this is the temp:
  10. Found SpeedFan, a programm for the temperature. With the "old" settings (draw distance 368 and LOD on 4) my temp stats are like this (no idea what it tells us) then i put my draw distance on 112 and LOD on 2.5 and the temp was this: So i think i this will give more info, but to be honest i have no idea what it means L0L. Anyone who gets wiser from this? :matte-motes-sunglasses-3: PS i had no lag, i just came online, but i will see what this does later, not sure if i have time to build today... PS2 i looked into the nVidia control panel, but didnt tell me anything like temp che
  11. There we go :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: Today i have this lag so much again, this time after i was logged in like 1,5 hour and active building on my land, rezzing stuff etc. I tried to unwear the Firestorm bridge, but didnt help (my husband advised me this and before it seem to reduce it a bit, but today not, maybe it was coincedence before) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Firestorm 4.5.1 (38838) Oct 28 2013 00:03:49 (Firestorm-Beta) with Havok support Release Notes You are at 18.7, 153.8, 1,001.7 i
  12. To be honest, almost all what you just said sounds like chinese for me, let me know the steps i have to take to provide you from the info you need to investigate, and i will do it. I am a non-experienced when it comes to all those words you use ;-) Make the steps easy to understand, like your talking to a 10 years old, then we can help eachother out better. Thank you in advance. Cheers
  13. Thank you for your reply. Yes, i have exact the same lag, its like 3 or 4 minutes ok, athen the lag comes in for like half a minute or sometimes longer. Its repeating over and over.Untill i loose my mind L0L. Today again i reinstalled my viewer and put all settings lower, i mean graphics settings, so far it seem to be better, but i was not that long online. not long enough to be sure of it yet. to me the lag starts after i start building or when im online for like 10 minutes. I will continue testing it with my settings, even when i tested it before, and didnt work, i have to solve this coz
  14. Wow, recognition here, i got the same problem as you with this lag. I try to fight this for over a year now and its getting worse, graph settings inworld low, no change. update Nvidia Geforce GT 230, but i got latest version. Inet download speed is 60MB and my pc is not old or non-updated. even when my land is emtpy, i have this lag (i rebuild very often) My feeling sais maybe something on my land combinated with something in my viewer. cache i clear a lot, trash i empty a lot, makes no difference. got draw distance always on 300, on other sims its no problem too. my bandwidth inworld is on 25
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