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  1. Scandalous Desires is a bordello with a unique ambiance, staffed by some of the best and friendliest people you can ever hope to meet in sl. If you fancy working in a laid back, friendly environment, with some wonderful guests IM Janice Hubbenfluff in world, or drop by any time and fill out an application form by our front door! 80% of tips are yours, plus, after a short probabtion period, you'll also receive a small amount of lindens to cover any time that you aren't entertaining!
  2. I certainly have Either using Phoenix or Imprudence under linux... absolutely unusable since the restarts on Tuesday. I ended up with 1 (ONE) item in my inventory, couldn't TP anywhere, local chat had like a 5 minute lag, but bizarrely IMs worked fine. I logged in this morning (GMT around 7AM - 11PM SLT) and it was fine... logged in evening (GMT - around 11AM SLT) took nearly 40 minutes to login, and horrendous problems again. I did notice that pinging anywhere would see a 50 fold increase in response times when either of these viewers were running. I also noticed that I could quite easily logon to other metaverses, such as OSGrid, with no problems whatsoever
  3. We're looking to increase the amount of quality music (both live and recorded) at Scandalous Desires. Hence we're on the lookout for good singers and DJs to perform fairly regularly at our rather unique club. Since most of us are in the european time zone, then ideally we'd like to have people perform between noon and 4-5PM SLT, although possibilites exist outside of thes times too. Oh, I should point out that we're an adult sim too :) Drop me a note in-world if you'd be interested. I look forward to hearing from you!
  4. Hi, We're on the lookout for people willing to work hard at being dancers/escorts within our fairly new burlesque-themed bordello. About us: Scandalous Desires is a burlesque themed bordello-come-hangout, staffed by some excellent, friendly girls who love to have fun, whether there are 'guests' in the house, or not! We're on the lookout for a few dancers/escorts with a good work ethic.. to work in our new sim that has been described by several vistors as one of the nicest environments in sl! About you: over 30 days old in sl A nice AO, and quality skin/hair The ability to emote well, or the willingness to learn from the existing staff Excellent 'customer service' skills *giggles*. Our guests are very important to us! Remuneration is via tips (with a house share) although after a trial period, there is the ability to receive a small, basic, wage as and when you work (It's not a huge amount!!) We'd much prefer people who like to do it for the enjoyment, rather than just the money, although several girls working at the moment have earned well into 4 figures per day, so far. IM Me, janice Hubbenfluff for an application form, or pick one up from the front of our house at Scandalous Desires http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sensual Heaven/234/160/22 http://scandalousdesires.blogspot.com Thanks! Janice X
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