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  1. Hey, if you IM me in world, I can find you a Demon to descend you; as it's a roleplay game with a backstory, you can't just sign up but need someone to descend or transcend you. You *may* be able to get your own Horde, but not for a long, long time, if at all . . . the Hordes (which are the same as clans/covens) are all already established & getting your own means a good history in the game & has to be approved by the game owners. Anyway, if you're still looking, drop me an IM & let me know about this post/who you are, and i'll get you sorted
  2. I've seen Cats & thought it was good, but there's pretty much no storyline & if you're not a fan of the music, personally i'd wait. I haven't seen it in the theatre, so can't compare it to that. It's ok to pass the time, but not something incredible
  3. A&D is a lot of fun, but a lot of work too. Try going to the sims at different times, the Angel &/or Demon Greeter will be alerted that you landed & should IM you. Otherwise, check out their website (just google Eternal Conflict Angels & Demons), or message me any questions (Liana Wildmist) x
  4. Get a life, they cannot kill anyone who doesn't play Afterlife, and those that do, choose to and also do the same If you don't want to play, then simply don't, and nothing will change for you If you *do* . . . Lycans are better xd
  5. I hate friends lists, just last night I had a guy tell me he 'demands' friends are on his friends list, as it's more convenient *for him* I have just under 20 I think, but prefer only those I consider to be friends, and who actually act like it I remove people all the time
  6. Firstly, how will you even know if they are male or female in an online game? I have female avs as friends who're both genders in real, and vice versa. Personally, I don't want people being emotional on me, and i'm female here. I also am the same to friends whether they have male or female avs
  7. It's pretty simple, if someone plays A&D & wants their home safezoned, they can so long as it's their home (they are in About Land) . . why should they make safe land of someone not even playing? That tenant could then move home & the owners not bother to inform etc There are banlines/orbs and Invul, the people being attacked CHOOSE to be, they also do the same to the other species. I play it, i've never had a problem being attacked when I don't want to be, and before I played I had no clue who did or didn't around me, we don't bother others only the ones playing
  8. Personally, I understand those who want to travel wanting the freedom to do that, but then I play a combat game and should have the freedom to do what I like, too. I don't want people coming to my home to attack me, and so a 0 second orb is available to those playing the game who want them (I don't have one but do use banlines as I don't want anyone on my parcel at all, but then I also am not on Mainland & have no problem if people fly over)
  9. This almost makes me wish i'd kept photos from back then, almost! Loving the hair on the 2018 one
  10. Wasn't aware it did use your name unless you signed up an account, pretty sure they didn't have my info before I joined (could be wrong, no idea about all of that) but not sure how they'd get names in the first place (even if they do, it's a name we all in SL see not anything private). Personally I couldn't care less if my SL name is anywhere, i'm sure every sim I go to can log names, so can visitor counters, stores etc not really anything unusual (unless i'm misunderstanding, not any expert!) And at least it's a well thought out game, where people can't be harassed & the majority of it is working on achievements or skilling not attacking, attacks which are on those who sign up to do the very same thing to the other side, and can easily change their status so they can't be attacked/attack others eg if working or shopping
  11. Well, there's Afterlife, but it's still in Beta & there isn't much to do as yet, if anything like Angels & Demons it'll be good though. And before anyone moans about A&D, it's actually really well thought out & is a big part Roleplay with tasks for that, plus doesn't involve bite requests. I imagine AL will keep you busy in the end though, as there's always a ton of things to be doing in A&D Neither involve anyone not playing, and everyone playing has the choice to be unable to be attacked at anytime
  12. 1.74 here as measured in the viewer Most males I meet seem to be around a head taller which is fine by me, and most females seem around my size or a little taller
  13. I have no idea! I don't even mess about much, I got the first demo in the first store I saw, and it didn't take much messing or thought, but I like how she looks & people say she's pretty similar, I think I just got lucky as I have tried & tried with others & can't even make them look at all ok
  14. All I can say isI I felt the same, no way was I wanting to look different. One day I realised every guy on my friends list had this Bento head I knew nothing about, and wanted me to, so I tried again, I went with GA.EG, I like it better than any other i've seen yet & weirdly I feel it does look like 'me' still. Good luck with it!
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