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  1. Liana Wildmist

    How does your avatar look today ?

    This almost makes me wish i'd kept photos from back then, almost! Loving the hair on the 2018 one
  2. Liana Wildmist

    Half Human Half Vampire

    Wasn't aware it did use your name unless you signed up an account, pretty sure they didn't have my info before I joined (could be wrong, no idea about all of that) but not sure how they'd get names in the first place (even if they do, it's a name we all in SL see not anything private). Personally I couldn't care less if my SL name is anywhere, i'm sure every sim I go to can log names, so can visitor counters, stores etc not really anything unusual (unless i'm misunderstanding, not any expert!) And at least it's a well thought out game, where people can't be harassed & the majority of it is working on achievements or skilling not attacking, attacks which are on those who sign up to do the very same thing to the other side, and can easily change their status so they can't be attacked/attack others eg if working or shopping
  3. Liana Wildmist

    Half Human Half Vampire

    Well, there's Afterlife, but it's still in Beta & there isn't much to do as yet, if anything like Angels & Demons it'll be good though. And before anyone moans about A&D, it's actually really well thought out & is a big part Roleplay with tasks for that, plus doesn't involve bite requests. I imagine AL will keep you busy in the end though, as there's always a ton of things to be doing in A&D Neither involve anyone not playing, and everyone playing has the choice to be unable to be attacked at anytime
  4. Liana Wildmist

    What's a Good, Functional Height for a Female Avatar?

    1.74 here as measured in the viewer Most males I meet seem to be around a head taller which is fine by me, and most females seem around my size or a little taller
  5. Liana Wildmist

    Can I wear a mesh head and still look like me?

    I have no idea! I don't even mess about much, I got the first demo in the first store I saw, and it didn't take much messing or thought, but I like how she looks & people say she's pretty similar, I think I just got lucky as I have tried & tried with others & can't even make them look at all ok
  6. Liana Wildmist

    Can I wear a mesh head and still look like me?

    All I can say isI I felt the same, no way was I wanting to look different. One day I realised every guy on my friends list had this Bento head I knew nothing about, and wanted me to, so I tried again, I went with GA.EG, I like it better than any other i've seen yet & weirdly I feel it does look like 'me' still. Good luck with it!
  7. Liana Wildmist

    Share Your Snaps!

    Ok, new to this so I know it's bad; having fun playing around though
  8. Liana Wildmist

    Titler abuse

    Thanks both x
  9. Liana Wildmist

    Titler abuse

    Hi guys, There is a titler over my head, that isn't mine and doesn't appear when I leave the sim. Any ideas how to make it go, or how it's there? It's really abusive (I can't see it though). Thanks Seems someone was wearing it but somehow placing it over my head (from a distance), any ideas how he did it or how to prevent it pls?
  10. Liana Wildmist

    RP.... I don't get it

    Hiya, I spent around 9 years with a family here (we came to sl together) Some of us were an open book & discussed anything & everything, and at least one person barely mentioned RL, so just do whatever works for you We didn't really rp, we just were ourselves and would call each other Sis/Bro etc, just do what is right for you or ask your bf how it all works for them, as we're all different
  11. Liana Wildmist

    Desktop replacement help pls

    Thanks, and to all, i've ordered it and it'll be here next Tuesday, 20th! I didn't go for liquid cooling in the end, though was tempted to just for more RGB lights (yes, i'm that sad!) I got the 1TB HDD 7200 as the 500GB was a bit more expensive (I guess maybe they buy 1TB in in bulk so get them cheaper or something), and a 250GB SSD 16GB RAM @ 3000 the 2600X R5 with the 1060 6GB GPU It'd better be better than my FX lol x
  12. Liana Wildmist

    Desktop replacement help pls

    I'm looking at 1050Ti or 1060, 1080 is way more expensive than I can afford sadly
  13. Liana Wildmist

    Desktop replacement help pls

    Just had a look, the 500GB HDD is a few quid more expensive than 1TB, guess maybe they buy the 1TB in bulk or something, so may aswell get the 1TB
  14. Liana Wildmist

    Desktop replacement help pls

    Thanks, a lot of good info there They are all Hexa core up except a Ryzen 5 1500x Quad core 3.6Ghz (out of the R5 line) Nobody to do anything to it for me and i'm disabled so it's not possible for me to. I think they do a 500GB HDD, will have to look. The 3GB card will save a fair bit I think too. Will see what I can save with all above info, ty