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  1. Yes, yes I do. Because if you didn't, why on earth would you keep banging on about it? People usually say what they want others to know
  2. I can't answer for anybody else, but I get annoyed when out of maybe 7 IMs, 6 ask 'where are you from?', and then when I choose to not give out that info to someone I don't know, the abuse starts. As for having ways to know if someone is a female irl, i'd love to hear it. There isn't a way to know, beyond webcams, and even then she might be female and have a male friend quickly turn cam on! I really think if you *have* to know who the person is irl, it's maybe better to stick to it. As for being proud to be straight, words fail me; how is that something to be proud of? It's not an achievement!
  3. Yeah, I get such gems as: *Random dude* 23cm ***** *Me* I'm pleased for you! It'll be easier to hang yourself with it *Random dude #2* Shall we exchange naked rl pics? *Me* Can't wait to see if your ***** is as big as mine *Random dude #3* Wanna see my BBC babe? *Me* Well it can't be that big or wouldn't I know what it looked like without using highlight transparent? Non.stop.bs even in hair sims
  4. Thanks both I don't know anyone who could do it for me; I have been thinking maybe I should look at tutorials and then worrying i'll mess the pc up and won't get online! It's an Nvidia GTX 550 TI I think. The last pc lasted a lot longer with a worse card but I know sl is (in theory) getting better and more intense for graphics, so maybe it's time to get it gone! I still need to clean it, so will do that today & have a look where it is and how it goes in etc I am considering a new pc but don't really want to spend out on one until this is no good, just in case it may have carried on for another year or two! So far tonight, no problems and it's saying it is 4 degrees cooler on the display, so idk if that is why it's stayed on (shouldn't have said that!) Thanks both x
  5. Hey everyone I've recently been having a problem where my monitor will randomly switch off, and always while I am in SL. I have a desktop pc and the tower stays running, but the monitor just goes black and I have to reboot the tower to get it to work again. I have tried unplugging it and plugging it back in, and into a different socket, but that hasn't worked. Some have said it might be the graphics card, which is around 4.5yrs old . . is there a way to find out for sure - other than changing it as i'm not too great with all of that! I'm using Firestorm, and have turned the graphics down from high to mid. I will clean the tower out tomorrow but there is plenty of space around it and I turned the fans up. Does anyone have any suggestions please? I don't know what system info might be needed, but can post it if anyone asks for what they need. Thanks for any help! Lia x
  6. I do voice with guys but only my Brothers, never strangers. I would never do so to 'verify' anything, I know what/who I am, they don't need to. Also, none of my Brothers ever pressurises me to go on voice or did so to verify anything. I have no intention of speaking to guys I don't know on voice and if asked they get told if they want real life, they know where the red x is
  7. Hi, I use Abranimations 'Urban Woman' ao, some walking about, definitely not sexy, abit of hand to hair but not too much. It does have a really annoying brushing dust off legs ani i can't be bothered to see if I can remove but it's good, not guy like and not all cutesy
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