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  1. Hello! This part of the script allows to change the position of the emitter depending on the speed. But how to add here the possibility that the emitter is always exactly horizontal? (and even better is it possible to make the emitter always at the same height and horizontally? 🤩)' <- regardless of speed and throttle. Particle system is a ribbon, and due to the tilt of the vehicle, the ribbon sometimes goes wrong. vector emitter_pos_max = < -1.15, 0.0, -0.170 > ; vector emitter_pos_min = < -1.15, 0.0, -0.250 > ; vector emitter_pos_range; float speed_max = somethin
  2. Thanks a lot! finally managed to conduct tests, your method works perfectly!
  3. The only thing that bothers me is this column. if (throttle == 10) count = 1; else if (throttle == 20) count = 2; else if (throttle == 30) count = 3; else if (throttle == 40) count = 4; else if (throttle == 50) count = 5; else if (throttle == 60) count = 6; else if (throttle == 70) count = 7; else if (throttle == 80) count = 8; else if (throttle == 90) count = 9; else if (throttle == 100) count = 10; Is it possible to simplify it to some kind of mathematical formula? besides in my script the same column is already found only for other pur
  4. Hello! thanks a lot! Have I changed the system correctly according to your recommendations? EDIT: I discovered an error while testing and changed float to integer startParticles(integer link) { // PARTICLE COUNT LIST integer count = 0; if (throttle == 10) count = 1; else if (throttle == 20) count = 2; else if (throttle == 30) count = 3; else if (throttle == 40) count = 4; else if (throttle == 50) count = 5; else if (throttle == 60) count = 6; else if (throttle == 70) count = 7; else if (throttle == 80) count = 8; else if (throttle == 90) co
  5. math question. I make a particle system which changes BURST RATE depending on the vehicle throttle. increases when accelerating and decreases when slowing. there are ten gears and three reverse gears. how mathematically correct did I make this particular system? unfortunately I’m not a mathematician or even a scripter. It’s quite difficult for me to judge this. In principle, everything works, but maybe there is an error? I know that if everything works, it’s better not to touch it, but I still doubt. float rate = llAbs(throttle + 10) / 0.0333; if (rate > 1) ra
  6. hello! i am trying to make a script for vehicle which triggers an action by local chat command (on channel 0). but if its two or more same vehicles standing nearby - it will trigger them all? also if someone else says that command, they all will listen and be triggered? how to avoid it and make it listen to only owner's chat command and only the one i am sitting in?
  7. tell this to neurolab who sells tron bike from the movie at the price 3000ls. tell this to others thousands who sell lamborghini, ferrari cars in sl market. where is your law?
  8. This model is not stolen, it can absolutely legally and free be downloaded on the Internet, but slander is a criminal offense.
  9. I wasnt asking for your particular help or assistance. Not going to explain you anything. You will always see what you want to see. And I am glad too.
  10. Solved! Just had to log in directly here: https://secondlife.com/account
  11. My friend's account is temporary on hold (3days). He took it personal as humilation and dont want to wait and wants to delete his account but cannot get access to this option. Submitting ticket will take some time so there is no difference waiting for this or that.
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