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  1. tell this to neurolab who sells tron bike from the movie at the price 3000ls. tell this to others thousands who sell lamborghini, ferrari cars in sl market. where is your law?
  2. This model is not stolen, it can absolutely legally and free be downloaded on the Internet, but slander is a criminal offense.
  3. I wasnt asking for your particular help or assistance. Not going to explain you anything. You will always see what you want to see. And I am glad too.
  4. Solved! Just had to log in directly here: https://secondlife.com/account
  5. My friend's account is temporary on hold (3days). He took it personal as humilation and dont want to wait and wants to delete his account but cannot get access to this option. Submitting ticket will take some time so there is no difference waiting for this or that.
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