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  1. I do get a laugh when the usual types summon all of their RL business acumen and bring it to a virtual world. You do realize that even if you have any skill at all (which would immediately distinguish you from the other 100,000 SL "photographers") and were actually serious about this, that you would need to drop the pretense of asking for payment until you have an established portfolio which can be displayed?

  2. Troll Rumble wrote:

    What is magic box? Where I get one?

    Same as 4 yrs ago. You get from SL marketplace. Like everyone else. Magic box is old. You been told. Any google search tell you this. But then you knew that.


    (I love the classics when delivered skilfully, but some people really need to update their aging repertoire).

  3. debbyom wrote:

    Hi, thanks for your opinion. 

    Although, before you red flag it, why dont you come down and check this for yourself. Its pretty easy to comment so soon and pretty difficult to be truthful about it.


    "Be truthful about it" Lolwut?

    So let's sum up thus far. A faint smell of Hitesh, Dickensian payment model, ESL and comprehension challenges. Wow where can I sign up? Hold me back!

  4. Ah indian clubs. Reminds me of an SL wantrepreneur named Hitesh a long time ago.

    But wow! Tips OR wages, gee this sounds like a sweet deal and I can't possibly imagine what your angle is. Should I be a little concerned though that the outfit exercising these same discretions cannot even spell the word? Maybe I'm picky but that seems like a bit of a red flag to me.

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