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  1. Katelyn Dominquez wrote:

    As for my theft claime. Two people had a written agreement (which should hold up in court) about a transaction. I payed my half and the other person logged. Therefore a breach of agreement. Am I wrong?

    As someone above pointed out, if you have what you consider to be a legally binding agreement, then call an attorney to get the ball rolling. LL are not in the business of arbitrating pathetic quibbles.

    Now you just need an ESL attorney prepared to accept food stamps as payment.

  2. Christin73 wrote:

     Not only have they gone up but they have gone up to a rediculously high amount. Is the SL ecconomy realy all that great that merchants feel they can rais their prices?

    Indeed. There is an unspoken yet quiet resignment among most of these merchant types that their meagre talents "talents" are not really saleable in any world but SL, so they're making hay while the sun shines. It's like selling sandbags on the Titanic.

  3. Medhue Simoni wrote:

    Thanks for your thought provoking analysis, and the bump.


    You're welcome. In fact I'm happy to bump it again, but let's be honest, no amount of bumping is going to alter the basic premise of this thread.


    There, there. It's one thing for a person to suspect that they may not be as influential as they hoped, but having it demonstrated publicly like this must be a brutally grounding experience for someone living in a fantasy world. I'm just glad I could be here to help you through it.

  4. Your experience sounds pretty normal, nobody attempts to use vehicles in SL in any serious way, or even use physics for that matter. Other games do a far better job of that. Whether the vehicle is a car/plane/boat/flying furry bdsm sex platform, barring other factors you will generally find that lower speed = higher reliability.

  5. Well it's essentially because SL is the sewer of the internet, which is why you will also find it a hotspot for pedos and lunatics. RL outcasts, freaks and losers flock here in equal numbers to find solace in high fiving each other, working on the unspoken premise that a sewer stench shared is a sewer stench halved.

    The quiet hope is that LL will raise the bar a bit for Sansara, discouraging much of the trash which gave SL its current reputation.

  6. Kanjena wrote:

    Where are you my Knights?  you appear as if by magic and then as soon as you are there you are gone again.

    KnightTristan Resident

    KnightAisha Resident

    KnightDeneb Resident

    KnightLancelot Resident

    KnightNorn Resident

    KnightAsh Resident

    KnightFenrir Resident

    KnightRauny Resident

    KnightSlust Resident

    Will we ever spend more than a fleeting moment together?

    You do realize there is no reward for e-boning the entire Round Table I hope.

  7. MorganAmeliaRose wrote:

    Also my post says nothing about RL.

    Sorry but I just had to quote this. Let us hope for the sake of your clients, that your photographic skills dwarf your comprehension skills.

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