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  1. Of course it is a game. The object of this game is to identify the reason the other person is using SL, because you may be sure there almost certainly is one. Your score increases each time you disbelieve some piece of BS they attempt to feed you. Bonus points are awarded when you identify lesser subtleties intended to paint a false image of the RL operator.

  2. Levio Serenity wrote:

    I don't understand where you're coming from? Are you making a gamification engine? Are you hoping someone else makes one you can use?  Presumably Sansar will not include any more game mechanics than SL did, and indeed people will have to build up their own code bases somehow.


    Read between the lines. Think "teenagers". Think "exploiting stupid people". Think "money trail". Think "poorly disguised ruse".

  3. LenaMarie Susanowa wrote:

    im an old player, and have been mostly active since like 2006 till 2013. I had tried coming back a few times but always grew bored because I have no clue where to go to make friends these days.  

    As suggested in the title I'm a aspie, as in a person with aspergers, so I'm alittle strange, and a lot shy but I can be fun, warm and loyal when I open up. I don't let what I have get in the way so I'm trying to get out there and make some patient and understanding friends.


    in the past I was interested in role play a lot but I'd come to realize it's mostly very empty, so this time I'm looking to make some real friends not character friends,


    Not entirely sure what you're seeking here. Aspies in SL? Hell it's the cornerstone on which the place is founded. Whatever you are seeking I suspect you may have come to the right place :(

  4. Qie Niangao wrote:

    Camaro Retard wrote:

    i agree, it's bad enough that some people don't want to help, and worse that some people discourage the ones who try to help.
    came with the best intentions, with a giving heart, foreseeing a better future, and got bring down.

    i believe that people that wants to help like
    needs our support, because if we support her, it will be a step towards a better world.

    OFFS. Why are folks so intent on protecting the delicate reputation of an IP infringer? It was pointed out pages ago that the whole light-gray manifesto
    . Sure, Sony will never know nor care who steals their bland boilerplate of an FAQ, but that doesn't suddenly elevate plagiarism to a noble endeavor, "a step towards a better world."

    It's behaviour the primary school teacher corrects.

    Indeed. And more so considering that whenever this latest wannabe sheriff (in a long line) is drawn off script and forced to apply fingers to keyboard, you'd be forgiven for thinking you were reading the work of an ESL goat herder. Now whether it be in world or in forums, I have to wonder how well equipped a person so deficient in communication is, to sit in judgement of others?


    "Did he just make a subtle pun referencing Mark Twain dat me no unnerstan, or was that an offensive remark? Herp derp I dunno so I had better report it cus im like 16 and GLE told me REPORTING ALWAYS = GOOOOD!"


    Speaking of mister spandex the enabler, should it really come as a surprise to anyone with half a brain that a guy in the business of adding groups of wannabe policemen to his griefer network cabal of bored nobodies, would like to see yet another one emerge? After all, business hasn't been so good lately.

  5. WTF is wrong with you, Radium?  Or are you just doing your best to be as horrible a person as you can?


    No, not applyng any effort whatsoever that I can detect? Perhaps it's just becoming second nature.

  6. Kamthedude wrote:

    I'm new to second life! I'm hear to make friends! Also I have heard if you buy stuff that are free your are freebie right?

    Using exclaimation marks is considered a decent get-out-of-jail-free card here, so I must ask:

    Hey how are you my friend! No, what you heard is not true! People probably fed you BS and laughed! Hey you seem really really closely related to some really bad trollish accounts! Cool!

  7. KalelCashmere wrote:

    I'm an easy going person who enjoys dancing & shopping exploring secondlife.

    I am open to making friends with everyone just so long as you dont bring drama 

    Sent me message inworld and lets meet :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:


    OMG another kid retard person requesting inworld contact today. My, what a coincidence!

  8. GreenLantern Excelsior wrote:

    There's some fairly extreme disrespect and cruelty in this thread toward a new resident who just wants to help people. Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Why am I not surprised that a backwoods guy who likes to play cops and robbers, would find this sort of phoney authoritarian roleplay appealing.

  9. lucagrabacr wrote:

    Hello, I'm just not sure. A few days or so ago I read a post where someone lost an "expensive no copy item" to their friend because he gave it to them. And people said that's a dispute between residents. What if someone offered a service, but couldn't complete it even though they already got paid? Or sim owner who ejected their renters because the owner deem the resident's behavior "inappropriate" (but not breaking SL's TOS)?


    Can someone please clear it up for me? Thanks

    Easy enough.

    A few days or so ago I read a post where someone lost an "expensive no copy item" to their friend because he gave it to them.

    One resident taking advantage of another gullible resident within the rules is not a LL problem.

    What if someone offered a service, but couldn't complete it even though they already got paid?

    One resident taking advantage of another gullible resident within the rules is not a LL problem.

    Or sim owner who ejected their renters because the owner deem the resident's behavior "inappropriate" (but not breaking SL's TOS)?

    Owners can eject a renter because they don't like their hat. One resident taking advantage of another gullible resident within the rules is not a LL problem.


    You see the pattern here I guess. LL are not in the business of providing free insurance cover for gullible or stupid people. For those who disagree, the courts remain at their disposal.




  10. officalnickiminaj cut & pasted:

    Please read this entire FAQ before posting any questions regarding this program.

    What is a SL HELPER  Community Volunteer?

    I do hope you plan to represent Linden Lab a little more professionally than you have Nicki Minaj so far. In fact I think I will wait until your name is changed to "officialLindenLab" before the laughing stops.

    This self-appointed roleplay wouldn't be connected to the self-appointed roleplay of the angel idiot would it? If not it seems you have a rival competing for the same turf.

  11. Frankie Antonioni wrote:

    I sent him IMs in SL. No note card yet. I will wait. I just hope that nothing is wrong.

    Maybe he was hit by a bus driven by someone who suffered a heart attack after learning that they won the state lottery. Maybe you are not a very good judge of character and he is laughing at you right now on another account.

    You decide which is most likely.


    MidnightDawn Sapphire wrote:


    There seems to be a lot of people that think they know all about Angels and what we should and should not do, know, be...  fill in the blank.

    The truth is that you don't.  AND, it's not important anyway.  It IS important that you believe in God.  That he loves you and that he always will listen


     Hi there again preternatural angel/bereaved granny. (I really wish you would adopt the same [OOC] flags the others use when switching roleplay modes BTW). Wow I see you're back to playing the God card today! Well I guess it's every bit as credible as the emotion card.

     I'm curious, how do you suppose your God views lower class mortals trolling utherverse and secondlife in order to satisfy their own sad vanity? Particularly when those same people are conducting their business at the expense of the most stupid vulnerable types. Sorry chum but while your act shows some entertainment promise, currently it's far from angelic.

  13. MidnightDawn Sapphire wrote:


    Radium Soup wrote:

    MidnightDawn Sapphire wrote:

    Last week I placed a gravestone on a little girl that only lived four months.  NOTHING is as hard as these things.

    I can well imagine. Perhaps the virtual kid would have lived to see month five had you not dropped a lump of  virtual stone on it.

    It was my Grandaugher.


    Yes I'm sure. Did I mention that I'm a unicorn? We too have been sent by the almighty to roleplay rescue people in SL. Particularly those suffering at the hands of phoney angels.

  14.  Alwin, you pose questions regarding Angels and God, then I answer them.  Then you say your questions are not about SL, so the thread should be moved.  What is wrong with this picture?

    The point is that Angels are coming to SL.  That I would suggest has a huge impact on SL.  But I do realize that this is becoming "uncomfortable" for you.  I regret that.

    For others, we are still looking for a guide to help us get established in SL.  You just need a little faith in us and the willingness to help.

    BTW, if anyone knows of any other Angels here, please let us know so we can contact them.



    What sort of supernatural being with any power to help others whatsoever requires help to "get established" in a virtual world, or spoon feeding to get in touch with their own kind? My friend, you've had some fun here and I recognize that everyone needs to start practising their routine somewhere, but currently you seem to be REALLY bad at this stuff.

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