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  1. I used to be but was eventually ejected last year for excessive RL familiarity with a couple of members fearful that close proximity might hasten their real lives leaking into SL. (And who had a good reason to be concerned as it turns out).

    To be fair there was some brief debate before they did this, mostly revolving around urination, tents and a theoretical comparison of puddle sizes. Which was sort of heartwarming in a sense.

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  2. ParisEugene wrote:

    Maybe he was only faking it, he said at a party that he could see that some ip (Internet Protocol) were double. Is it possible that he was hacking us? He was 3 day old, did not rezz for anyone at the party. I reported him to Linden Labs. I will change my password (just in case).

    I'm curious to know the category under which you reported this person, simply because I don't recall any category titled "Revealing Public Information". And for everyone else wondering why their (sometimes) less frivolous reports are generally ignored, this guy multiplied by 1000 is likely the reason why.

  3. Lydia Greymyst wrote:

    Came back to sl a few weeks ago. I worked on putting myself together a little and now am looking for friends to hang out with and explore sl together. I like the beautiful places, the interesting or disturbing and anything from time periods in the past or future. I'd like to go dancing with friends. I've met some folks but most just want to chat because their computer can't handle most areas. I really would like to actually actively explore places with others.

    I'd also like us to have some commonalities so here are some things I can think of.

    I love mesh and spend most of my time playing dress up in a skybox. I bought nearly every hair Truth had on sale during the black friday event. I enjoy music from classical till today and enjoy especially music from the 20's-90's. I would rather listen to calm, beautiful or happy music if I'm picking the station. I love retro fashion/sims/influences. I speak in sentences and prefer text to voice. I am a happy realist and am never bored. I might be considered nerdy or deviant when you get to know me. I would like to explore roleplay but not as a rule to be in character thing, just as a fun now and then experience. I'm not interested in being a furry or vampire.

    Chat with me here or inworld. I ignore rudeness.

    (Perhaps I should have forewarned, the mere suggestion that that their entire world may be nothing more than a house of cards tends to provoke an emotional response in the first group. If and when you set eyes on them in RL, the reason for this becomes somewhat clearer).

  4. Perhaps it would be best if you first defined "friends". If you want the fake electronic type I can hook you up with a bunch. If you're using the word in the literal sense I'd want to first ask why you're here. Almost everyone is here for a reason it seems, the only question is how ready they are to share it. (Normal friendships tend not to be based on roleplay and BS).

  5. krista1k wrote:

    if a person's account has been suspended.... does that remove them from the groups they were on?  If they are on our account list is there a way to know that account is suspended? 

    Reported someone and looking for some feedback?

  6. RoyBlakeley wrote:

    My avatar is a werewolf because I think they look cool. However, is it likely that someone will assume I use that avatar for some kinky reason? 

    Yes. That avatar in this place is a foregone conclusion. To argue otherwise is like visiting a gay bar and getting upset that someone assumed you were gay.

  7. vestalin wrote:

    what the hell are 'transactions limits'. I try to buy Linden and not possible!

    It sounds like your question is more closely related to basic english comprehension than any unusual LL error message.


    This might not be the best place to help you with that.

  8. TimeofSnow wrote:

    I have tried to get a brother or sister recently for maybe 4 weeks now and nothing. I have sent out notecards and IM's, nothing. What REALLLLLLLYYY gets me is one kid I liked and they rejected me because they "Had a family" Then guess who I see at yet another adoption agency just recently pop up?! I hate my sl life right now, I really do. Not because of the people in it but because of so many people activly trying to avoid it. I CANNOT REALLY BE THAT TOXIC! I am active! That's something some families don't even have! I try SO hard and this is what it gets me?!!? I really dont deserve this, h*** no one does when they have tried as hard as I have!!


    I;m just gonna post this because no one is going to reply anyways:

    What I wanted:A brother or sister or twins

    age:kid or teen

    how active?:VERY maybe at 6pm sl-??? a few hours each day.

    do you have land?:My family does yes.

    What would the kid or teen get?:attention, love, a great friend and sister/family, hugs and smiles

    what would we do?:Explore sl together, maybe shop, visit some food places, etc.


    I cannot possibly imagine why people are avoiding you.

  9. Rocky Rutabaga wrote:

    I attempted to post an event today for my amusement park on a moderate sim. I didn't put anything adult in the description, but the autoresponse was that I had indeed violated community standards somehow. 

    Great. Which word or phrase red-flagged? What? No one to tell me? 

    How the heck am I supposed to fix the listing, if I have no idea what the offensive word or phrase is?

    Below is my list of "I'm guessing it's this" words and phrases. If you know which one is the culprit, please reply.
    • Balloons
    • Eat
    • Strudel
    • Eat a Strudel
    • Sweet
    • Savory
    • Salty
    • Jiffy Popper
    • Pizza Toss
    • Krispie
    • Soylent
    • Wacky
    • Doodle
    • VooDoo
    • Poodle

    Really? I for one would like to see the description that contained all those words. Why not just post it in its entirety?


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