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  1. Found it: In the grafics pereferences must be "Enable al features" turned on.
  2. I think i need a howto too. I have installed Oculus Home, revive and CtrlAltStudio-Viewer-Alpha. Then i have copied the two folder from ReviveInjector.zip into the CtrlAltStudio Folder, also the two ReviveInjector*.exe files. If i drag CtrlAltStudio-Viewer-Alpha.exe on ReviveInjector_x86.exe, CtrlAltStudio starts without Error messages into the normal mode. If I press the 3D-Button the normal screen and vive shows a black screen. If i press ESC screen and vive goes back to normal mode. greetings Jan
  3. Hi Jack There is absolut no needing that run anyone around with my name! Thank you for ignoring me Jan Hird
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