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  1. while i have no problem with the current paypal prossesing as it stands now as i have never had to wait over 5 days, i do think they could save themsleves some work if they had an automated or instant payout system for people who cash out regularly with like amounts minimizing risks,and its not like they could not get a refund from pappal should they let a bad payment get through,i believe paypal gives 15 days for such returns of funds and a companay that uses them as much as LL would probly get special treatment.
  2. i dont know why they dont just make some like $20 secondlife gift cards and stick them in all the bestbuys and walmarts in the usa, like itunes/google play ect. it would help out all the people whos banks wont allow charges from linden(my old bank for example said all linden charges are blocked do to to many chargebacks fraud ect) or just allow people who dont trust using there CC/atm cards on there linden acounts. as a bonus they would get free advertising at check out lines all across america.
  3. well hopefully for you youll get to keep some of those sales you will have a great christams:) as far as i know tho marketplace sorts the results from number of items sold not money earned from the sales atleast from my understanding:)
  4. VonGklugelstein Alter wrote: Sassy Romano wrote: jazon Uxlay wrote: obviously there is a problem with marketplace considering the "best selling product" is a pose ball selling for $1,000,000L worth about $100L at best, that no one in there right mind would buy for that price and somehow is outselling meeroo food and other way more popular items. i don't think the problem has anything to do with freebies or pricing just second lifes filters are borked at the moment. As the creator of that fine product, I can tell you that it has that place in search because it sold 27 times that day. "worth" is very subjective, just because one person wouldn't pay it doesn't mean that others wouldn't. You made $ 104,000 dollars in one day? I am calling Associated press and CNN and Fox news.. get ready for a visit... lol i know right? maybe i should make a RLV pose ball that only works for the owner of the poseball? and sell them for a million lindens so i can sell 27 of them in one day lol. but not to discredit your product, i support all creators but really a pose ball that only works for the owner kind of defeats the whole purpose of RLV and secondly would be useless as the owner of the poseball could just as easy right click themselves and select "remove all clothing" and save themselves a million linden lol. i highly doubt you sold 27 of them in one day unless you were giving them away free that day. but back to the point regardless of how many you sold that day i doubt you would out sell meeroo food considering the millions of them on the grid there for "most sold" on marketplace is likely borked.
  5. obviously there is a problem with marketplace considering the "best selling product" is a pose ball selling for $1,000,000L worth about $100L at best, that no one in there right mind would buy for that price and somehow is outselling meeroo food and other way more popular items. i dont think the problem has anything to do with freebies or pricing just second lifes filters are borked at the moment.
  6. make sure your not setting your items as "transfer" if you do not want them sold on marketplace otherwise soon as someone gets tired of the item they are going to sell it on marketplace and there will not be anything you can realy do about it. if you want the item to be giftable send people to your marketplace were they can have the item sent directly to the person they want it to go to with "no transfer" applyed.
  7. i agree the Flagging on marketplace is out of control, im guessing that lindens dont bother usually checking when an item is flagged they just let it get taken down to get through there list of flagged to check for the day that would be my guess. The current system is flawed by default anyways as what category and maturity ratings are subjective to difrent individuals in difrent countries and age groups, ive had tshirts flaged as adult one was a regular tshirt with a heart on it,aperantly love is adult rated now becouse they took my item down for it. had another one that said "drama queen" same thing flagged and removed for adult. aparently someone took drama queen personal and flagged it as adult. In my other store i had full perm mesh railings for sale in the catagory "building componants/railings" flagged as wrong catagory along with about 12 other items,i can only guess someone felt they were cutting into there full perm sculpies or something. all i know is that linden is not going to acualy take the time to properly filter out and check these bad flaggings and block the abusing ofendor they need to just remove the whole flagging system untill they can properly handle it. as of now pretty much any item in marketplace could fall into more then one catagory so someone could always claim its in the wrong one.
  8. You didn't mention what the prim land cost you were looking for for it,I don't think you'll be able to get it exactly like that for 1 prim it will probably be more like 5 prims due to all the round edges,contact me if that is acceptable to you and you have not found anyone to make it for you yet.
  9. is it posable your items are listed as "adult" and when you are looking at your store your not signed in? you wouldent be able to see them if there adult and not signed in,otherwize im not sure what your problem could be:(
  10. [RESOLVED] Marketplace Page Delays lol who are they kidding it was a saterday, they just wanted to leave work early or not be there in the first place. anyone else notice that you can just about ignore anything they post on the grid report on weekends?
  11. anyone know if someone on an older viewer orders something from marketplace that is DD will they still recive it even tho they dont have a DD viewer?
  12. come to find out after several tickets that it has been linden flagging my items cuz of a keyword that was used in the post that no one but me could have even saw lol.so all your keywords you use have to stay general(so nothing that could be considered a swear)what i dont get is the word i had as a key word that they considered a swear word is in the names of many "general" rated stores fronts.but i guess its ok to use what they consided a swear for the name of your store you just cant use it as a key word that no one could see lol
  13. Josh Susanto wrote: [if they're getting removed it means someone at LL agrees with the report.] OR it means that someone simply has not bothered to disagree with the report. no ive filed a report still waiting for a reply...could be awile.
  14. yes exactly my point,some lacky at LL gets a list of Flagged items,now instead of actually spending time checking them one by one he just approves all of them and saves his time for important things like facebook,and tweet,minesweep
  15. yea ill have to give that a try,i did try to report them but who knows is LL with even look into it.
  16. i guess lol, but its getting realy old realy fast i might just let them flag my whole store and let it close im getting tired of reposting all my items. If LL dont want to make any money from me its there loss im not going to make reposting all my stuff every day a full time job lol.
  17. how about fixing things like the inability to report people who have flaged your products as adult or other just to take your postings away or out of personal dislike of you when your items are clearly posted in the right catagory and maturity rating.and dont say we have someone aprove each flaged item becouse whoever is in charge of that isent even looking at the items. there just letting this people destroy my stores.i have had to repost the majority of my store of 100+ items several times this week for someone claming them to be of adult content and there clearly general merchandise.its becomming a full time job just keeping my curant items on the market place,i have had no time to offer new items and i might just let my store go if LL isent going to provide some sort of suport for these issues.and sorry i wasent trying to hijack this thread my point was why should i be willing to help LL make more changes to to there messed up marketplace when there not even fixing the problems at hand.
  18. well there is no way that these items could be considered adult in any manner,so obviously the person who aproves the flaged items is on autopilot and is not doing there job. here is one of the shirts i have been getting flaged on its the same tank tops i still have on sale but with a image on it. does it look to adult?
  19. no its someone directly flagging them,ive had the keyword flags before there different,im probly going to have to go and make a new account to sell new items cuz it will probly be a good month before LL acualy takes a look at my case i created.
  20. yes but there flagging one shirt that just has the word "love" on it and another that only has a "heart" all my other clothing is much more reveling than these.there is no way that these shirts could be considered adult by any means
  21. OK so I have Someone flagging all my tshirts on marketplace as Adult-Profanity and adult nudity, there all full shirts not even slightly reviling just classic full t-shirts. they have simple designs on them like one has a heart on it one has a skull with hearts for eyes simple non adult stuff.now they have been doing this to me for about a week now and I have to keep reposting the items,now they supposably check flagged items before removing them but obviously they don't or my items would not be getting removed as half of the ones getting flagged I've seen 5 year olds wearing more adult looking items lol.so what is my best course of action here it is obviously Someone I knew trying to agitate me.i have filed support request but as of yet no reply.
  22. i guess it would depend on your display mine runs at 240hz 3D but i guess your eyes cant even see above the 60 hz but when running in 3D you need atleast the 60hz x2 that way both eyes can get 60hz. so for some the fps will count more than for others=))
  23. im running an i7 with 12 gigs of ddr3 1600,a 470gtx and a 9800gtx for physx and a 16 MB net ive gotten over 200 fps in sl so hardware can make a difference http://i249.photobucket.com/albums/gg223/jazon1972/slfps.jpg
  24. if you try to change network ports in game it has a pop up that you cant close it or chabge ports.you guys had this viewer working stable back in 2.1 what happened its a mess now!
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