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  1. This is probably a "no duh," but this includes premium costs as well? Just wanting to know what to look out for each month going forward whether I should expect to see Tilia or Linden Lab on my bank statement.
  2. The FS AO is actually a pretty good dance hud. Just drop your dances into the Stands category and let it run. You can have it cycle automatically or manually select them with the left and right arrows at the bottom to suit your needs. Or if your dances have a high enough priority to override the ground sits, drop them into ground sits and dance the night away while "sitting". The downside is that, like mentioned above, it cannot overlap animations the way a scripted HUD can. If you need multiple animations to play at once, then it's still best to use your old fashioned HUDs.
  3. I might be a bit biased toward Firestorm, but I've been using it since the first public beta went live. It has only grown more mature as a software since. For me, it's a great viewer because of its customization and familiarity with certain features that I thought were pretty good out of the v1 generation of viewers while keeping the sleek modern UI of the v3/v4 generation viewers. That said, after some recent usage with the standard viewer provided by LL, I still feel somewhat lost in the preferences panels there. There are considerably fewer preferences in the LL viewer that makes it difficult to truly customize the experience. For a new user to Second Life, this is actually OK. I'd much rather them get used to how the world works than find themselves overwhelmed by customization options in their viewer. It's easy and quick to learn when you have no experience with any other viewers. At the end of the day, trying a few different viewers from the currently updated viewer list is always recommended. My needs are not your needs, nor are your needs the needs of someone close to you. Take them all for a test drive and see which car rides smoothest for you.
  4. Shift + esc is actually a pretty recent addition to Firestorm. IIRC, Phoenix doesn't have it. It was added to Firestorm in version 4.0 I believe. I don't remember the exact version it released in. But yes, it's a TPV function.
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