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  1. OMG Venus Petrov's suggestion and file WORKED! I had the very same problem today, March 23-11. Tried everything you tried. Venus was logged on and sent me the file and it worked. Some body parts didn't rezz however she suggested Rebake and I finally was back to my right Avatar look. THANK YOU Venus! I too use Phoenix but went back to Viewer 1.123 as I keep getting bugs attached in Phoenix every two weeks. Kinda sad as the Phoenix viewer features are awesome and so much easier to use that Viewer2.
  2. I agree Isabelle. You know Galileo, I frequent Mature sites; they are dance clubs; I have NEVER seen the sex act on the dance floor; yea sometimes the music might have cuss words; and peeps might have gestures that have cuss words but the guests like myself are not their to have sex. Yea, there are clubs that have dance poles and people who strip but honestly, I don't know what your issues are with Adult and Mature locations in SL. NOT EVERYONE comes into SL for sex! And if some do it is really their business! Turning SL into PG means that many of us would have to get rid of our homes and honestly if that happens many of us will leave; you know the ones that pay tiers, really money, and are Premium members and love to shop in SL.
  3. Ahhh Galileo. So you suggest LL wait till the kiddies grow up so that they then will have the money to spend lots of lindens in SL such as paying tiers and being premium members. Wow, if LL listens to this logic they will surely be in financial ruin. As for your comment about Las Vegas having a "family" theme? Hun, you need to take a RL trip to Las Vegas. Las Vegas changed their family theme 5 years ago; they were losing money; ergo, their recent TY adds of a two years ago, "what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas". Most if not all of the family fun on the strip does not exist anymore except for Circus Circus; yea they still have that roller coaster ride at New York, New York; not to say that there aren't places for families to enjoy Las Vegas, after all there are families with children that live there; it's just not on the strip anymore. I don't have issues with LL letting teenagers in SL so long as they enforce and monitor security controls to keep them from Adult & Mature areas. But if for some reason LL loses it's way and does change SL to be more PG, yea, most of us will be gone and LL will be waiting a few years for the kiddies to grow up and have $$$ to spend that is if SL exists by then.
  4. Absolutely agree Serjourn. Since when does any company cater to "teenagers"? Yes, in RL companies that sell kids products, software, toys, cater to kiddies but know it's their parents that PAY! If I wanted to be in a "kiddie" virtual world I am sure I could find one. But I am an adult and if LL is considering changing SL to be more "kid" friendly, eliminating any or some adult activities, LL won't be getting not only my Premier Membership dollars but my tiers as well. This is the main problem with LL; they really don't know or understand who their clients are, ergo that mess of Viewer2 that I suppose some younger SL members found easy to work with; And yes I agree, LL doesn't listen to the majority of its members.
  5. Hey Rod, Happy to hear you've been enjoying SL; looking around, building and appreciating what we all have created; but my question is, have you made in world friends that you feel compelled to log on and chat with often? Yes, SL offers wonderful opportunities to build but it is also a vast social network where people make friends and form relationships that are as equally as important as those in RL. Have you gone to theatres to see performances; did you by a HUD and fill them with dance animations and go to clubs to hear the different genres of music? Have to IMd and chatted with those residents that are not using Viewer2 and asked them why? You have so much more to experience before you truly understand and appreciate SL. When you feel like you just gotta log in and say to yourself, "hmm I'll just be in for an hour", look up at the clock and find you've been logged in for way more than that, is when you truly will understand that SL is not a game. And wait till you make inworld friends lol! Fix Viewer2 PLEASE
  6. Thank you Amanda, As you have read emotions are running high and residents are understandably concerned and worried, which again illustrates that SL is not a game, it is a virutal world that provides enormous opportunities for residents to realize dreams that for whatever reason they/we aren't able to in RL. I do believe LL is reading the blog but I am not so sure you all are all listening. If all of you are in fact listening or had been listening, the disasterous Viewer2 would never have been created. It still baffles me why LL created a new viewer that essentially went from A directly to Z as opposed to offering viewer upgrades that gradually got residents to the level of Viewer2. Is it any wonder that residents who find Viewer2 enormously complicated with features most of us will never use, move too third party viewers; notwithstanding LL spent time,money, and effort to design this viewer ergo taking time, money, and effort away from correcting the more important problems with SL.
  7. Oh forgot to mention Bowfluv, Try LIVE CHAT you might luck out and find an experienced customer service representative to help you. Keep trying if you get one that tells you to submit a ticket; that's another approach that really means they don't know how to help you. I recently had issues and tried Live Chat and got one GREAT customer service reps: ShandrikaG Scout! Ask for her!
  8. Hi Bowfluv, Been there done that: GHOSTING. Here's what customer service told me to do back a year ago when I experienced this problem. 1) The told me to log into a location called Pooley. 2) Once there detach everything from your Avi; 3) If you are still a cloud, then go to the Advanced Menu, Character, Rebake. If this doesn't work, then in Character select what you are Female or Male, HOWEVER this will return you to the newbie stage. Hopefully you can easily locate your shape/skin/eyes/hair to restore yourself. If you can't get inworld maybe you can send an email to one of your SL friends to pay your Tiers for you and then reimburse them when you are able to log on. I have an arrangement with one of my dear, dear SL friend in the event I can't log in and my Tiers are due. Good luck, hun:)
  9. Reponse to Galileo Moleno, Yea I agree with most of what you said except your comment on residents "gripping & complaining". Residents have legitimate complaints on the deteoriating performance of SL in recent months. And the negative comments on Viewer2 are very well deserved. For many, many of us this is a virtual world that we spend hours in each day pursuing hobbies, networking with people from all over the world, shopping and for some, working on our land. Is this a game? NO! We aren't playing against anyone. So I am hoping our new CEO is reading these blog comments; I am a business woman and sure as heck would be!
  10. Rod, I hope you are spending time despite the holidays to read the blogs. I finally had time to download Viewer2 and look at it. Wow, super complicated with features I'll never use. As a long time resident of SL that spends a good 4 to 5 hours a day in SL, I can't understand why LL went from A straight to Z with a viewer that requires a considerable amount of time to learn how to use. Previous viewer upgrades were simple; not this one. And who has the time? I own land; I host; I am in two dance companies; I have friends who I like chatting with. To learn how to effectively use Viewer2, I'd have to give up some of my activities in SL for awhile. And know I have discovered that club owners who rent or own the land their club is on, can no longer have their hosts post on the SL Event Calendar less they too download and use Viewer2. Hmmm. Whoever made this decision at LL doesn't know how to run a succesful business. Let me break it down for you: Event Postings, Brings peeps to a club, Peeps make club donations, Club owner uses donations to help pay TIERS, you know cash U.S. real money, LL improves company profits. Oh did you also know that when us hosts couldn't post anymore, NO ONE in LIVE CHAT knew why. You have much to learn about SL and what it means to residents; you've heard it enough times; this isn't a game. It's virutual world where people in RL have created a second life. Here's hoping you're reading our comments! TC Rod:)
  11. Dear Rod: I actually got someone in Live Chat who cared enough to solve my problem; I am a hostess; been one for over a year at the same club; post on SL Event Calendar but as of one week ago, can't because the region does not come up as a "location " on the Event Calendar posting page. The LL representative told me it was because the club owner had to renew my "permission" to post. I told him that had been down, AGAIN. He said that the club owner had to go to the groups Roles section and click on the SL Event Calendar permission. I told him there was no such category. He then asked me what viewer I was using; I told him the old viewer as I am way too busy to learn how to use the very complicated Viewer2. Ahhh he said, that category is in group's Roles list on Viewer2 not on alternate viewers or the old viewer! One way or the other LL is going to force us to use the crappy Viewer2. But Rod, someone at LL is not thinking: club owners rent space or own the land where their club is. So someone is paying Tiers; yup Rod, RL money which supports the bottom line of LL. So why would LL make it hard for club owners in SL from attracting people to their club who make club donations, which then the club owner uses to help pay rent to the owner of the sim WHO PAYS Tiers or if the club owner owns the land, PAYS TIERS. Hope you can change this mentality, Rod! When people are happy in SL and things WORK right, we spend lindens; more lindens we spend, the better LL does financially!
  12. Welcome Rod, Looking forward to your perspective on SL. Just some food for thought: SL isn't a game; there is a real person behind every keyboard; it is a wonderful social network; most of us are not "young" gamers in our twenties ergo why so many of us were disappointed with Viewer2; it has too many bells & whistles that we will never use notwithstanding a huge learning curve that interrupts our activities like working in SL; we are people who want things to be simple so we can connect with friends from other parts of the world and pursue our hobbies in SL. Good luck to you. We're happy we have a leader again! YAY!
  13. That happened to me last week using Phoenix. It was bug. I tried re logging in using the old viewer and I was still a cloud even though people could see me. I used Live Chat and got a great representative who told me to do the following: Before you do this make sure your current shape and skin are saved in you inventory and you know where these items are. Log in, go to Advanced Menu, Character, Rebake; if that doesn't work then select Female or Male whatever you are. This will return you to the "noobie" state but you will come out of the "cloud" state. Just re create your Avi which is what I did. I think what happened to me was that there was a "bug" in the Phoenix viewer and something got attached to my Avi that I could not remove. In my case I noticed a "shape" had attached; a shape I did not recognize. I could not "detach". Good luck
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