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  1. Did that. It gave me about 10 FPS in an empty sandbox
  2. There's an option to let the OpenCollar protocol disable the client AO (You find it in Prefs->Firestorm->Avatar) this is done via the bridge. What you see is the bridge trying to detect if there is a collar worn. When you disable that option in preferences the whisper should go away.
  3. If someone really wanted something as close as possible to Linden Labs viewer there's a flatpak repository at: https://flatpak.firestormviewer.org/viewer.flatpakrepo It is currently at 6.4.1 (Which is 6.4.0 EEP). Of course it is all unsupported and not official from LL I try to keep this as close in sync with LLs releases a possible. It lacks: - KDU (do not have the LL sources for this and do not want to use the Firestorm version I officially got). - FMODEX, I am going to include FMODSTUDIO when LL switches to it. - Havok, again no access to the LL version, but o
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