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  1. the problem now is try to change the clothes and clothes for me loads but not to people andcarry it often happens :matte-motes-bored:
  2. how do I reset it? female test is not because it is already done numerous times:matte-motes-confused:
  3. summarize then: Avatar bug with only part of the body so when Buggy and female testdone after trying to put clothes and the clothes do not appear to others and take to loadskin tbm to others but to me it already loaded the trunk for another skin for do anothertest to see if skin loads but still takes to load and mt bad for my boyfriend into my accountwhen it has internet faster than 15 mega and the problem continues
  4. personal test then I do, I did WHAT girl said about changing the look of investments that are saved but so n twilight mt takes to load my skin and my clothes to accessories, hair,sandals carries the problem seems to be fast on skin and clothes and I put another typeclothes and lay still slow loading terminal to another skin and the same thing then do not know what happens seems to be only part of the skin and clothing to personal problem and then by the time it takes to return the bug skin and clothing carries the rest quicklyWhat do I do? thanks for the patience of all
  5. sometimes I make my avatar bug and female test, then give me all seen but people see me with skin noob, and just loaded the hair, sandals and bracelets noob continues the rest What do I do? plz help me
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