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  1. For the first time in four hours I finally managed to log on. Others with similar problems, try it again. Seems back to normal again. 😃
  2. Oh, so this massive outage are probably the reason for my troubles too? I can't log on with this account or my two others and respectively viewers.
  3. Hello. I have problems logging onto SL today. The viewers logs me out after a little while. I have tried different locations to no avail. I have 3 accounts and use 3 different viewers for them. First tried with one of them on the official viewer. Couldn't get in. Then I tried my other account on the Catznip viewer with same results and finally my third account on the Firestorm viewer. Gets logged out each time no matter if I choose latest location or other locations. Same results. The weird thing is, I checked on my dashboard page and the first account showed up as online although I could connect with the viewer. After having tried yet another time with the other viewer, that avi also showed as online after having refreshed the page. On the third try with the next viewer, which also failed to connect, I refreshed the page again. Then my second account Robyn was gone but other account Sophia still shows as online. The error messages tells me to check my connection and firewall settings. It's just that there is nothing wrong with my connection. Works everywhere else as far as I can tell. When it comes to my security services, I haven't changed anything. I could connect normally as late yesterday. Is the problem on my side or yours? I don't know. I have had problems logging onto other sites at times. For a day or two I doesn't work. But then the next day it works normally. I figure they might have done maintenance or something like that. Maybe it will work normal tomorrow? Has anyone else have had similar problems today? Any ideas where the trouble lies? Rosey
  4. Here's the copy of the mail. It appears to be from you and is the correct mail. Dear RoseyShayeDeRavyn, Thank you for using the LindeX Exchange to buy Linden Dollars. Your account has been charged US$810.02 You purchased L$200000 Thanks again - we look forward to seeing you in Second Life! Linden Lab and the Second Life Team Now I haven't ordered 200000 Linden dollars, I swear on my life. I don't know what has happened. How this has happened. If my security has been compromised but it smells one of those scams. I need this transaction stopped immediately or I'll be ruined! I'll try call my bank tomorrow morning because they have been closed over the weekends. Hopefully they can block it before anything is drawn from my account. Has my account been hacked? What do I do aside from changing passwords? I need help, please! Renée P.S. I'm not sure which section to put this question and I just took a chance, sorry. D.S.
  5. Landmarks disappeared about a week ago. Never got around to contact you because it seemed like a minor problem then. Today when I rebooted my virewer I immediately noticed that favourites bar landmarks was also gone. I started to check my inventory and it had shrunk to only 812 objects. I had over 5000 but I don't remember the exact number. I checked the outfits too. They're there as the names i saved them to but they're empty. I found another thread with the same or similar problem as I can see it. They got adviced to clean the cache and restart the viewer. I did that but it didn't help. Another answer mentioned different viewers could cause problems. Maybe they interfere with each other. I use Firestorm and Phoenix for my other two minor accounts. I checked them out and they seem to be fine. They still have all their stuff. I discovered quite by accident a couple of years ago, when I discovered there was more viewers than the official, I started to experiment a bit. I found out that neither Phoenix nor Firestorm conflicted with Viewer 2 or with each other. So they came in handy that I didn't have to sign in and out like what I would have had to do using just one. However, I also discovered that Dolphin and V2 conflicted a bit. I couldn't use both at the same time as it requested me to sign in again. So now I have uninstalled both V2 and Dolphin. I intend to reboot my computer and then download a fresh new one. This time I think I skip one but can't decide which one. I'm sure you would prefer me to use V2 but I kinda like Dolphin since it looks like your old viewer looked and worked like before it changed too much. I'm really used to that design so I don't know. I'll return later and tell you what happened. But I have this feeling, as usual, that the problems will remain. But we have to wait and see, If you have any other suggestions I could try, feel free to suggest some. I need all help I can. I had so much stuff and I can't bear to loose it all! Please help!
  6. I rebooted my computer and when I got back to my house it was filled with stuff from something called Assrape Fiendbitch Club. It's all over the place both inside and outside the house. I tried to fill out an abuse form but I couldn't find any send button, so that is why I went here instead. It says the owner is SNIFFMACOCAINEIA, whoever that creep is. Never heard of him until now. I tried to return the objects but it said I didn't have permission to do that. The sim owner is offline so she can't help me at the moment. My whole place is filled with this filth and I can't even get rid of it. Please help me!! Please remove all the stuff marked with assrape-filth for me and I would be mist grateful! If anyone deserves to be banned it is certainly this SNIFFMACOCAINEIA creep! Rosey
  7. Okay, the viewer has crashed a lot lately, a few months perhaps but all I had to do was restart it. Now after the last crash, happened last evening, I can't even log in with my Rosey-account anymore. Now, this is where it starts to get weird. This is my main account but I have two other which I don't use as frequently. So when I couldn't log onto V2, then I first tried Firestorm with the Rosey-account. It worked fine. So did Phoenix. After that it got even more weird. I tried one of teh other accounts, the Sophia-account with the V2. Suddenly I could log on normally again. My Robyn-account also works normal with V2. So it's just the Rosey-account that doesn't work with V2 nomore. Everytime I try to log on it freezes up during the loading of the world-phase. It just freezes up. I have waited for minutes and minutes but nothing happens. I always have to close it with control-alt-delete every time. I tried uninstalling V2, reboot the computer and reinstall it but it didn't helped. I have cleaned out the cache and rebooted the computer. Didn't help either. Rosey is my main account, my subscription account, the avatar with most stuff. The other two are free accounts with much lesser stuff in the inventory. I only have the other two viewers for those accounts out of comfort. However, I'm most comfortable with V2 and it is thus I want it to go back to normal again. I have no idea what has gone so terribly wrong but I would appreciate some help, please??
  8. I tried that too but couldn't find it. Is my only hope now a sim restart? Don't know when the sim is scheduled to retart next but it has happened a couple of times just in the last few days so I'll hope it will be soon. It is slightly less annoying having the messages in the chat window though. I'll try to share it back to this avatar later but I think I'll wait until after the enxt sim restart as to not risk anymore problems. The other avatar who is on Phoenix does not seem to have got any problems with it. I'll be more careful not to TP with it in the future though. But does that go with all other objects I have added to the avatar, like the sunglasses, the katana, the firey eyes and such? Should I also remove them before I TP?
  9. I've had it a pretty long time although I don't remember exactly for how long. Maybe 2-3 years. I originally found it in a nightclub belonging to a vampire/goth sim that does no longer exist. I haven't found the object anywhere else since then. Before I deleted it I shared a couple of copies with one of my other avatars as to not lose entirely. The properties says Cheers from Kitchen Kreations if that could be any clue. I have teleported frequently before without problems but I cannot recall that I have ever dropped the object though.
  10. Yes, I can see the location on the map but what do i do with it?
  11. Yes, I have used it frequently when I have teleported although not as often lately. I have already deleted and purged all items so I cannot detach them one by one anymore.
  12. When I turn it into green text, the only options I got is copy and select all. When I clicked the object itself I got the options map, block and close. I tried to block it but that didn't help either. I don't know where to locate it.
  13. I cannot reply on the other thread. no, it's not in the chat window. It pops up in the upper left side of the viewer. I click it away and a moment later it comes back again, over and over.
  14. I have also tried to reboot the viewer several times to no avail. This is the exact message: Script trying to trigger animations but PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION permission not set I have also deleted all items of this Glass of Blood Champagne and purged them but nothing helps. These messages keep coming anyway. Another strange thing is that this is the second thread I started about it. The first just vanished mysteriously. It's driving me crazy! Help plz!
  15. I get this annoying message for an item called Glass of Blood Champagne. I've had this item for a long time and it haven't caused me trouble until now. Yesterday I reinstalled Viewer2 after having some trouble with it. This script error message didn't pop up until now though. I have deleted and purged all copies of it but it continues to bug me. How do I get rid of these messages? It drives me crazy! Help plz?
  16. Before the red arrows pointed straight towards me. Now they're oblique. I have no idea how it got garbled up like that but I can't change it back again.
  17. I can't find the the words to properly describe it since english is only my second languange. I had to use google translate but I'm not sure if it describes the problem properly. Before move and rotate where perfectly straight but now it has somehow changed to an oblique angle. Unless I can change it back to normal I'll never going to be able to rez the house properly again.
  18. I managed to fix that problem but now I have a new one. Now the move and rotate function in edit is totally scrambled up so that I can't place the house correctly anyway. Is it possible to reset that function?
  19. A couple of hours ago I suddenly discovered that I couldn't open the door to my cottage. It wasn't even clickable but could have been just like a wall. I tried rebooting my computer. Didn't help. I tried my other avatar. Didn't help either. I took away the house and rezzed it again. Didn't help either. The door is still not able to open. When I point at the door it's just the ordinary mouse-pointer. That hand-icon is also gone. So now the situation is this that I have removed almost everything on that piece of land. I tried rez it again but the door is still not possible to open. I have no idea what to do now. Help me, please?
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