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  1. Personally, I think that someone being offended by the genitalia of the person behind the avatar says more about the offendee than the offender. Furthermore, were the offendee to be offended that the offender's skin colour was not consistent, they'd quite rightly be called a racist. Likewise if their ethnicity were misrepresented. Yet transgender people, it seems, are exempt from such protection; it is perfectly alright to refer to them as deviant, depraved, deceitful and diseased - I read the first 12 pages and caught Dogboat the Troll's interesting comments. (Sorry for the thread resurrection)
  2. Perhaps the price you are wanting for your L$ is too high if you are selling on LindeX? I recently wrote a blog entry on buying and selling L$ on the LindeX. Maybe it will be of help to you... http://beccapet.wordpress.com/2012/03/20/show-me-the-money/ Hope that helps! Becca X
  3. Often this means that there is a problem at the Linden Lab server end and it has not been possible to retrieve your L$ balance. Try logging out, closing your Viewer, and then logging in again. Very often it is a temporary fault and does not mean your L$ have gone.
  4. It very much depends on the price you set. You might find this blog article I wrote useful, as it is about exactly this. http://beccapet.wordpress.com/2012/03/20/show-me-the-money/
  5. Thank you, Max, that was a really good post. I think many of us are completely against the whole idea of being forced to change our shapes to conform to Fashion Designers' definition of 'normal' or 'standard'. I can understand the rationalle and necessity of it as a workaround, but I am still fundamentally opposed to the concept of it. Second Life is about being who you wish to be and look how you wish to look, and it would be a great shame if the unholy workaround of Standard Sizes were to be anything other than a transient bodge just like Emerald's hacky multi attach points were. This is not something we want to have to endure long term. I explored this a litte more in a recent blog post I made and why I genuinely believe that the Parametric Deformer is very important and why the idea of Standard Sizing has very negative ramifications, although I'm not sure how much it adds to your excellent post.
  6. A little late to the party, I know, but this could maybe help others. I recently blogged on exactly this topic and how to recover from it. http://beccapet.wordpress.com/2011/11/13/oh-no-i-deleted-half-my-house-and-other-disasters/ In your case you'd need to get your friend's house back in order to fix it, or else get them to do it.
  7. As others have already said, this doesn't offer me any incentive whatsoever to become a Premium Member. I'd happily pay $10 per month if it gave me some clear benefit, but it would actually give me nothing at all - I have all the freebies I want and I rent land from a landlord and have my own house. About the only thing Premium Membership would give me is the stipend, and I can buy far more L$ on Lindex for $10 than the stipend, so it makes precisely no sense whatsoever to go Premium.
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