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  1. Hi Claireschen, The lottery was very publicised, and legit. We were lucky enough to get a couple spots. It seems the LL's forgot about it since then...
  2. Has anyone found a way to do smooth non-physical rotation at any speed faster than a snail's pace? I have yet to find a way to avoid jerky rotational movement using non-physical motion scripting, and hoped some genius out there might have figured it out... Servian Serevi
  3. Jopsy Pendragon made a wonderful particle effects testing tool called The Porgan: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/The-Porgan-1800-Particle-Organ/877281: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/The-Porgan-1800-Particle-Organ/877281 ~Servian Serevi
  4. I'd like that too... Many of us asked for it when the new marketplace was in "Beta"... lol... Was that a year ago already? Anyways, I'm not holding my breath... ~Servian Serevi
  5. Brooke, I don't envy the headache you must have from the abortion which is the SL Marketplace. ~Servian Serevi
  6. Ok, Is it me, or does this whole Direct Delivery deal sound like the next crappy thing LL is going to cram down our throats (like: Homestead Sims, New Marketplace, Viewer 2.0, New Forums, etc.) in spite of any protests? Oh that's right, anyone knowledgeable enough about it to protest is gagged by an NDA... Who really wants this DD system? Why is this the focus? Brooke, is seems like nobody at LL has taken any hints from the past three years... Developing new shiny features in secret ends up backfiring BIG TIME! LL needs to stop wasting it's time with bells and whistles, and fix core issues that SL residents have been begging for years to see resolved. LL also needs to stop surprising us residents with big changes that roll out half baked and never get improved. Now that there are more and more competitors to SL popping up, LL had better start listening to their residents, or there will be more massive layoffs coming soon. SL will be overshadowed by other virtual worlds where the developers actually give their customers what they want. It's a simple business concept that seems to have escaped the majority of LL's leadership for several years now. I do hope your team will decide that any new ideas that massively change things in SL will get openly developed in public cooperation with residents, not in secret, with NDA's gagging anyone from sharing with the rest of us just what's being cooked up... ~Servian Serevi
  7. Nice blog Sassy! Message senders are a great tool that merchants can use to keep in contact with their customers. There are several types for sale at the marketplace. I'm partial to this one: Automatic Message Sender Pro.: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Automatic-Message-Sender-Pro/760117 ~Servian Serevi
  8. Lexi, Why is LL asking this question again? We all know nothing is going to be done about item permissions... I suggest you read the past four years of JIRA and forum comments for remarks on object permissions left by content creators. There have been numerous thoughtful and lively debates on the subject. It's quite possible that many of those people involved in the discussions on item permissions have left SL due to the fact that LL never gets around to a solution. ~Servian Serevi
  9. Hi Quinn, Well, there used to be... before the new marketplace. Vendors could link to other vendors products using BB code. My business partner and I did a lot of that. Now... No-can-do. Another brilliant move by LL that screws content creators and shop owners. ~Servian Serevi
  10. Your landowner is mis-informed... it's perfectly fine to sell items without using a sales script... If you happen to be interested in a low lag sales script with a lot of features, I happen to sell one... =) Split Sales Script Pro.: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Split-Sales-Script-Pro-by-Jetset-Designs/760123 ~Servian Serevi
  11. Everything LL has done to SL in the past three years has accomplished the goal of frustrating it's users. The new forums and blogs are hiddeous and more cumbersome than ever. Way to go LL.
  12. The marketplace is as much an EPIC FAIL today as it was last year when it was crammed down our throats. I'm appalled at the persistent lack of good tracking and reporting features available to merchants.
  13. I am very concerned that some people will use display names to con new users. There are all kinds of mischief they could cause.
  14. -Bump What's the latest news on Script Limits? I haven't heard anything for a while and that's usually a bad thing when it comes to LL.
  15. I recommend NOT using a temp rezzer. It will cause sim lag, and you can't really use the temp rezzed stuff, just look at it. I know of at least one good furniture rezzer on www.xstreetsl.com that allows you to put stuff into a box and rez it only when you need it. It could be useful if you had decorations or things you didn't need out all the time, but wanted to be able to set out and take down with a click of a button...
  16. Get a good, free gaphics editor installed on your computer. Try GIMP: http://www.gimp.org/ I made my first T-shirt using this tutorial: http://nicolaescher.com/tutorials/creating-your-first-shirt.php A tatoo is basically a T-shirt with transparent pixels everywhere except the tatoo part... Have fun!
  17. There is another way to allow the new owner to add a setup notecard to a non mod object: llAllowInventoryDrop. I used that for my yacht, Luna. I'm sure you can figure out how to make that work. Let me know if you have any problems.
  18. Hi Kaylan, If you want to keep the object no mod, you need to write a script to give the person the notecard. You can use a chat listener, a menu, a touch event, or other ways to have the ojbect give the person a notecard. A very basic script for giving a help notecard when the person types "Help" in local chat is as follows: default { state_entry() { llListen(0,"","",""); } listen(integer ch, string str, key id, string msg) { if ((msg == "Help") && (id == llGetOwner())) { llGiveInventory(id, "Help Notecard"); } } } Feel free to contact me in world if you need a more detailed solution.
  19. Can someone please explain what "Peak Sales Rank" (shown for xstreetsl products) means? Thanks!
  20. Does anyone here think the script memory limitations will break much existing content? /me *shudders*
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