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  1. Hey there, Just wanted to drop a quick note about a new Adult club/hang-out. Bounds Broken & Half Way Inn. Bounds Broken is a dance club, hang-out, social area and Half Way Inn is a members only play park for adult entertainment. Take the LM and check it out sometime! Friendly, relaxed, always open, events, Movie Matinees, BDSM, D/s, Vanilla friendly. Places to curl up and relax, spend time with your special someone, meet new friends, hang with old friends, play some friendly games..etc. There's a beach, games area, backyard movies, even Rentals and don't forget our Half Way Inn for more playful fun! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Octavia/103/191/22
  2. I have a Military appreciation event coming up and I'd love to find someone who could actually make a mesh version of my Navy BDUs with a beret. I can supply pics of the pieces I need.
  3. How do I go about reporting a merchant on Marketplace that is boldly selling items that are obviously copybot'd from many other designers!? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/145009
  4. Fantastic pic! (Where are these pulled from?)
  5. Where are "Pics of the Day" found? What sourse is used to pull/pick these?
  6. I believe I've grown a lot in the past year, not just as an SL photographer, artist and business woman, but as a person. My private SLife has changed dramatically from settling for second best to finally expecting what I deserve and getting it. I try surround myself in creative people instead of those who are all wrapped up in their own drama. Even though 2012 has had a rocky start, I think it's going to be a very prosperous and interesting year.
  7. Sounds like a **bleep**ty Scam to get new customers to me! What crap! As a photographer in SL I take offense at scamming the public into this kind of bogus Model Search. You're not searching for anything but PAYING CLIENTS! ...and only a $200L savings? Seriously? Why not just tout it as a promotional discount not some bogus prize!? You make us Legit Photographers look like Schizters!
  8. Partnering in SL is different for every partnership. Sometimes they're just business, sometimes it's love. SL or RL love wholely depends on the two involved. To be partnered is a committment to share with that person, your experiences....and then again it sometimes just a way of either deterring others from coming between the two and even other times it's an attraction for those who find it a challenge. I had said many times I had no intention of ever partnering with anyone in SL simly because I have a great RL relationship and don't need an SL partner. Sure I dated, even got kinda serious with one guy, but partnering was never really put on the table. Although recently, I've eatten my words. Someone I've known as a close and dear friend for over a year has snagged me up and we have partnered recently. To our SL friends, we are as good as Married, even though no wedding ever took place. Partnering does not afford you any more rights to sharing your inventory or being able to track them than a non-partnered avi. My partner and I voluntarily gave each other rights to edit, move, change each others belongings. We cannot get into each other's account or steal from the other's inventory, that's not what partnering allows. We simply realized that we make a great team, work well together, have more fun together and enjoy each other's company a great deal...and aren't interested in the company of others. Strange for both of us since our established histories reflect a bit different picture to our friends. Even so our partnering came as no surprise to anyone who knew us. My partner actually "left" SL for a time. Would occassionally return to check on friends and to make sure I was doing well. He and I even became good RL friends and we'd chat on the phone now and then. Not daily or even weekly, but we did find ourselves relying on that friendship to be there when we needed it and it always has been. So, when he slowly started to return to SL on a more regular basis, we found we enjoyed each other's company even more the second time around. Kinda cute and almost sappy if you look at it. LOL
  9. Hi Viika, Be careful out there. Learn to make friends, find things you like to do, learn something new, become a contributing member of the SL community. Worry more about building yourself than having anyone complete you. SL love and dating kinda just happens when you let it. Broken hearts are part of the deal. Don't let that deter you or make you walk away from SL. Establish yourself as part of the community and when/if a broken heart finds you, you won't feel as if your entire SL world is crumbling all at once. I've seen it happen all too often and it's really sad when good friends lose heart and walk away from SL because they didn't take the time to establish themselves first, so when the inevitable occurred they had nothing to bounce back on. Being a part of SL can be very rewarding if you take the time to build yourself up first. Learn to have fun, enjoy the experiences, make connections and remember to turn off your computer once in a while.
  10. *giggles - Ever noticed most of the pics associated with that are of the "Duggers"? Ugh...14kids (or is it more now) and counting. My ex and his wife are vying for be the next Duggers I swear! (They have 8 *or is it 9* and counting) FFS take an asprin and hold it between your knees woman!
  11. Actually, that's not completely true. My SL Sister (RL best friend) has actually found someone who she has RL fallen in love with and he has done the same. He's traveled from the UK to the States several times to be with her and will be moving there perm. in a few months. He's currently wrapping up a couple of RL work related projects and has embarked on setting up with his new employer in the states. They married in SL and are engaged to be married RL. Personally I have an SL husband of which neither of us have any plans on making our SL relationship cross over to RL. We're both well aware each of us have our own RL partners and what we do in SL is completely RP. But, we have both talked about how SL affects our RL emotions and yes, we both walk away from an SL encounter with each other with very real feelings. We talk about it, set ourselves straight and carry on. We've managed to use RL communication techniques to make our SL relationship work for both of us both in SL and squeezed into our RL's. Yes, I get txt msgs from him every morning and we say "Good-night" every evening. We carry on in our RLives as if we're close chums who've known each other intimately for years. A few of my RL friends sometimes seem a bit confused, but I do my best to explain it and we all have a good laugh. I know for me an SL/RL crossover would never work, I'm comfortable in that. My SL sister is comfortable with her crossover relationship and honestly I'm very happy for her! I brought her into SL hoping to give her a social life that her rural RL can't afford her...and it did just that.
  12. Celest & Storm: I strangely agree with both of you. I have suspected their rl marraige has issues going on that I am not and have never been a part of. Which is why I don't ask. Its none of my business. As far as the wife goes, honestly, I couldn't care less what she thinks. I have learned to have very little respect for her. The disingenuous one here has been her from the start. The fact that her husband finds solace and friendship in me, hmmm. Do the math. Look, I don't want to be the cause of any issues in their marriage, but I can't image their marriage is all that perfect when she allows him to have a very public affair in SL...not to mention her own public behavior. Its no secret she sleeps around. Its no secret she has had several "Masters" in the BDSM scene. (Not my thing) I am also aware of her having several alts, a few of which I have met and have witnessed her behavior behind her husband's back. The thing is, he only got into SL to make sure she was "safe." Since then she has encouraged behavior from him that I don't see as being in his nature. Which is why when we started dating he made a very public announcement that he was not going to be frequenting "their" usual hang-outs any longer. He gave me mapping rights immediately, without my asking. He is never anywhere in world I don't know about. He has never lied to me, he has never cheated on me. I know his rl work schedule and know his wife logs in when he's not home only to **bleep** around behind his back. So, if she wants to start **bleep** with me...she has a LOT more explaining to do than I ever will. At least he's still seeing me, regardless of which avi I occupy. It's not like he's whoring around behind his wife's back or mine. I do appreciate those who have said for me to walk away, to contact the wife and tell her everything, but I can't image how that would make anything better for anyone. I've gotten to know how she thinks. She's a hothead who reacts before she thinks anything through. He and I have talked about this whole situation and he's convinced given a little time she'll calm down and I can return to my primary avi and resume our public relationship. As far as my not telling her about my alt, honestly, it just never came up in conversations with her before. I believe if I was to "come clean" with her about my alt, my still seeing her husband..etc..there would be a much larger issue created. That's opening a can of worms I am not prepared nor interested in opening. So, thank you, all. I think I've sufficiently made up my mind on this. I will continue to be his friend, regardless. We are not seen together where his wife is or where she frequents, so I'm really not concerned about it at all.
  13. I actually started in SL back in '07, but had a fatal system crash that prevented me from really getting all that involved before my pc died. I didn't return to SL until late last year, but in the mean time I thought I had lost my original avatar's sign-in information. So, I created Justine. Since then "Jussy's" become fairly well established. I've had more jobs than I have irl (and I'm no spring chicken irl, thanks my rl son is about the average age of most sl residents), I've started to learn to build, do a little in world photography, create various products both tangable and intangable. But what eludes me is relationships. Not that I haven't had a few, but I have never been able to feel completely comfortable about them. It's as if I intentionally fowl things up because I get too bored. My current relationship is no different. My other half (can't say partner because we're not 'partnered" to each other...and calling him my b/f seems so diminutive) has stuck by me throw all sorts of drama. He's broken up with me once...within minutes regretted it and we were back together. I've broken up with him twice. The first time we were separated for a full week before my SL sister (RL best friend for over 2Decades) stepped in and told him to "Work it out!" (in so many words) But this last time has been the worst. IRL he's a family man: Wife, kid, job...etc. (Yes, before you ask his rl wife is in SL and she not only is aware of our relationship but encouraged it from the start.) Anyway...he's recently gotten a promotion at his rl job which has caused him to spend less and less time in world, leaving me to get up to no good! My friends all have told me to leave him, find someone who can be in world, someone who doesn't share his time with a RL wife...etc. But I haven't been able to. There's some sort of bond with us. We chat in world, online in other forums, txt, skype...etc. We're best friends in a way. I adore this man and support his having to spend more and more time irl because I know he's doing the right thing. But...I have sort of gotten up to no good while he's been away. Sort of... The details aren't really all that important, only that now I've had to retreat to my original avi (which I did find her sign-on info a few months ago) and my guy's rl wife has forbade him from seeing Jussy ever again. I was beside myself with grief over losing him. I felt I'd lost my best friend, the one person I coluld joke with, go to for advice, feel completely comfortable with... It took me a few hours to regain my balance, as it were, bite the bullet and sign on as my alt. (Which my guy has been fully aware of from the start) Immediately he IM'd me asking why it had taken me so long to come back. He then informed me of his wife's decission to also retreat to an alt for a while. This was the result of a lot of talk going on behind her back that I had brought up to my guy. His wife got upset because I didn't say anything to her about it first, but honestly I didn't think it would matter which of them I talked to. I have always respected their rl marriage and I see them as one entity. Apparently she was none too keen about it. He then tells me regardless of his wife's decission he doesn't want to lose me over all this and wants to start over with my alt! What makes me a bit uneasy is that this is now going on behind his RL wife's back. I told him if she ever found out who my alt is she'd go throug the roof...but at the same time...I really don't want to lose him either. I guess I'm really at a loss here. We are genuinly good friends irl. We chat about everything. He even has been txt'ing me while I've been writing this, while he's on break at his rl job. I can't stand the idea that because of this invisible line we've crossed from being completely out in the open with our relationship, to now hiding it from everyone...including his wife, that its going to have a lasting impact on his marriage. Yes, I love him, I've known for a while that I have had very real feelings for him...as he has admitted to having for me too...but I don't want to be the cause of any rl marriage problems for he and his wife. What to do, what to do...
  14. I avoid all "in world" private chat. I figure that's what Skype is for. I just removes all doubt.
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