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  1. On logging in, the progress bar gets to completion, and I get a glimpse of SL, and then my viewer crashes. This is happening on Firestorm AND the SL viewer. However, my alt accounts log in with no problem. I haven't received any kind of notice from LL that would lead me to believe there's an issue with this particular account. I've also tried the troubleshooting methods listed in the Firestorm links, to no avail. I've tried deleteing the index and data files (as the help link suggested), and also the open notifications files. I also did a clean install yesterday of both viewers, and I still cannot log in. I'm ready to put up a reward for the answer that gets me through this problem. I can't access my SL business without this account, so this is very important to me.
  2. Aurelia, I also noticed this problem when I was updating a listing of mine. The item was a spiked collar, and it was only decorative, so I mentioned in the description that it is NOT a BDSM collar. When the listing kept showing up as "adult", I figured out that the "BDSM" in the item description was the problem. I removed it, and the problem was solved.
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