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  1. For several weeks, every time I try to upload a 1024 or 512 24bit JPG file, then the viewer crashes on the preview sqreen when I click on "Upload" I have tried viewer 2.6 , the latest 3.xx, and the older Phoenix viewers and all crash. I have uploaded hundreds of texture images in the past without problem. I have no idea what has happened ! Help please!
  2. For 2 months now , one of my Avatars is INVISIBLE to a person on my Friend's List. He is using Phoenix He can see that I am on line but cannot see my Avatar standing beside him. He cannot see me if I use SL Viewer 2.4 , the latest SL viewer 3.* or even if I use Phoenix He can see my other Avatar just fine. Could this be a friends list setting or maybe one of my old Groups settings where he is a member? Open to suggestions!
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