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  1. Selling a full region of type 5 , for 300 USD. The sim hold the exklusiv name off " Manchester United ". I need to leave secondlife, so this is the reason im selling it cheep. if not it will just fall into the hands of lindens. Contact me in world adriana hian
  2. I do sell my sim. Sim name : Manchester United It is a full sim. Price for sim is 500 USD, this include transfer of sim. The sim has renter,, and renter will move out when sim is sold. Renter will maybe stay , if new owner and renter agree on price. From Adriana Hian
  3. I'm selling my complete private sim. This is a class 5 sim, that hold a exclusiv name. So if you are a fan off football you can get the sim with the name of you're dream. The sim name is " Manchester United " The sim is 3 years old. and the tier has just been renewed. ( 2 days ago ) The offer I would like for the sim is 1300 USD. You can contact me inworld , if you want it. I will sell it to first one. From Adriana Hian
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