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  1. The New York City Sim is a successful, friendly and vibrant sim which offers an exciting environment for people to explore and staff to work in. We pride ourselves in nurturing talent within our organization and try to help those who work with us achieve their full potential. The New York City Sim is looking for professional people with good communication skills to join our expanding team as real estate agents. The successful candidate should look professional (Ie no noobie skins) and able to naturally empathize with potential clients. Ideally the successful candidate will be: Organized and focusedTechnically literate (especially when it comes to google documents)Driven to perform Fluent in EnglishGreat sales skillsIf you have any questions or would like to apply for the job then please email us at work@newyorkcitysl.com or if you’d like to learn more about what we do check out our web site at www.newyorkcitysl.com.
  2. New York City Sim is currently in need of a person who can do a voice over for us. The length of each voice over will be up to 5 minutes and the successful candidate will get 800L per voiceover. The candidate should have: British or Australian accentA good microphone (not an inbuilt laptop microphone)Good pronunciation The successful candidate can record the voiceover and send it to us via email or if that is not possible we can record the voiceover with the candidate over skype. If you are interested then please contact us by email at work@newyorkcitysl.com.
  3. Brand new New York City sim seeks an Executive Event Coordinator to support Sim Owner in weekly event coordination, which includes but is not exclusive to: Event Scheduling Assisting Executive Administrator in hosting staff recruitmentHost Staff managementEvent Promotion and Marketing We will require 1 hour events at minimum 3 times a week. The Event Coordinator will oversee the events, manage and help to recruit Event Hosts. Events may include, in store parties (with or without live entertainment), sample sales, live performances, discussions, open houses, touring, fashion shows and general parties. The position requires 5-10 hours per week. The candidate must use SL voice. Candidate must posses:Knowledge of MS WordE-mail CommunicationKnowledge of Group NoticesKnowledge of Subscriber Group NoticesKnowledge of Group InvitingExcellent Communication SkillsExcellent Organizational SkillsEnthusiastic AttitudeTeam building and management Other helpful skillsKnowledge of MS ExcelKnowledge of WordpressKnowledge of Photoshop Candidate is required to complete a 2 week internship which includes training, to determine if the position is a perfect fit. Salary is L$500 weekly plus tips. If you are interested kindly reply to this message via e-mail to work@newyorkcitysl.com with yourResume and/or;Letter of interest, detailing your strengths, career goals and reasons why you should be selected.
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