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  1. They're not working. But at least the other shapes have been saved, I guess I just have to "update' one of them. Thanks again!
  2. Pardon me, like I said, I don't have much knowledge on these things. But sure, okay, I get that. Sadly there's nothing I can do about that, aside from asking my provider if they could do anything about that. Like I mentioned before, there's no cable long enough to cover the distance from my modem to PC. On the upside though; resetting the modem has gotten rid of my rezzing problems. And it seems the file corruption has stopped. Which means the shapes that are corrupted are sadly lost but the rest of them seem okay. I'm gonna wait and see if there's a response to my tickets, thank you very much both, for your help.
  3. Hello Rolig, Are you sure that's the problem? Because I've never had this issue before. As I'm writing this my Wifi connection is at 20 up/135 down. Which, obviously isn't the best it could be, but I hope no way of using a cable as the distance is too great between my modem and PC. I will try a hard restart and unplug my PC for a few minutes, I've heard that could solve the packets loss problem a bit. My modem is from late 2017. Thank you for the suggestions, I'll let you know if that changes anything. Hello Whirly, Oh no, I think I did. I got logged out during the editing of said shape, to be honest. So does that mean they're no longer salvageable? And does this mean copies, even though renamed are also corrupted? 'Cause the copies and previous versions that do still work seem to stop working after logging while wearing them. Creating a new shape works fine, thank goodness, as do the LL shapes. I'm exporting an older shape to XML in the hopes I can just upload it again after and I'm about to write down the digits to be safe. I had never head of Iolo System Mechanic Pro, so I had to Google it. But no, I'm only using Avast, currently. Okay, well I'm really hoping it's just this one body part. Strange though how the copies seem to also get corrupt. I'm about to save the last numbers and shut down my PC and reset the modem. I will also try the default viewer to be sure. Thank you very much, I'll let you know if this changes anything. Kind regards, Nathalia
  4. Hello everyone who might be reading this! I'm concerned. Yesterday and the day before I had problems rezzing up to yesterday afternoon where I suddenly couldn't log in at different times. The loading bar kept freezing at "waiting for region handshake". (Gyazo screenshot) https://gyazo.com/799c95859d2384f7306f5abdf072bc80 And then I kept getting a popup; "We're having trouble connecting. There may be a problem with your connection or the Second Life Grid." https://gyazo.com/6ba6af7ffacbcbafcb6d31982953c903 I just installed Firestorm (v. anew - because of previous rezzing trouble - and my connection was totally fine, so I kept trying different regions. Eventually, it let me back on, albeit with a lot of being logged out by the viewer. This now seemed to have solved itself. But ha, with every relog the shape I was currently wearing suddenly "could not be found", even the copies don't work anymore. https://gyazo.com/260372f3836d32dce63c318243ff8c18 These are my shapes I made myself, and I'm afraid they somehow got corrupted. Obviously, I'm not IT and have no knowledge of how this could happen/how to troubleshoot this, other than trying to repeatedly delete my inventory cache to make sure this wasn't happening just from my end. Nothing. It keeps happening. All my shapes do not seem to be unusable now: https://gyazo.com/2a1a85525c8551df079b417d18699f0b I'm at my wit's end. I have filed two tickets by the way, about not being able to log in and about the inventory problems ( #1225264 and #1225467 ). But no response yet. EDIT: I forgot to mention that my inventory is loading properly now, all 151,756 items are there. :') They just don't work properly. Halp ? So my questions are; Does anybody know how I can solve the "Failed to find bodypart"-problem? And how long does it usually take before LL looks at a ticket and gets back to you? Thanks up front! With kind regards, Nathalia (aliznathalia.raviprakash)
  5. For a while now it seems the same avi's with almost empty profile have been following me around whenever I moved to another parcel. I've tried banning them one by one but there are so many and always others coming back. They all have the same things in common, they're older avies that look pretty noobie and without AO's, they rotate on their axes and just stand there on one spot. They do not respond to IM's and are all members of the Univeral Gameroom group. At first it was just that they rezzed on my private parcel ( of which I banned them from ) but now it seems they follow me around to other sims. It doesn't always happen, but it happens too much. They even show up at land of friends, friends who have never seen these bots rezz there until I came over and "poof!", suddenly they where there. The bots every now and then offer me objects, one of them being the "crazy green mouse" or something, I always decline and block every bot, I set my land to members only so they do not show up anymore but I'm getting concerned. See it's just not my main avi they're following, I've checked. They also seem to follow around my alts. On one of my alts even got accused of spamming objects soon after another bot showed up in some safehub. It happned to me so many times I'm starting to recognise the names of these bots and I do not trust it one bit. I've contacted the owner of the Universal Gameroom many times, in IM and trough notecards requesting he would send out a notice or talk to his members to stop bothering me or even to call off his bots if they where his. I never got a response. So yeah, the reason I'm telling you this is because I've got a few questions; Does anyone recognize this, has it happened to you too And.. is there a way to get rid of the bots following me? Could they be used to track me down by someone? Is there a way to ban a whole group from coming to my land? I hope you guys can help me with this, that would be wonderful. EDIT: Thank you Rolig Loon, I guess that's the final sollution then, sadly.. 'cause Irene Muni, I already contacted Nawak Acoustic, a lot, yet he never responded. If your friend did get in touch with him I'd love to speak to them, for I never succeeded.
  6. I've checked my name, password and made sure my Firewall allows my viewer ( Firestorm Beta v2.5.2.16922 ). It started off by sometimes not allowing me to log in for a while and I received this message; You have been logged out of Second Life. This region may be experiencing trouble. Please check your connection to the internet. And I did check my connection, other online games seem to be working just fine too.. And I could still log in with an older viewer ( Phoenix, which I do not prefer 'cause it misses some beloved features ), but since yesterday night I keep getting this message; Cannot connect to simulator. I would love for this to be solved. Does anybody have an idea how to?
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