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  1. They're not working. But at least the other shapes have been saved, I guess I just have to "update' one of them. Thanks again!
  2. Pardon me, like I said, I don't have much knowledge on these things. But sure, okay, I get that. Sadly there's nothing I can do about that, aside from asking my provider if they could do anything about that. Like I mentioned before, there's no cable long enough to cover the distance from my modem to PC. On the upside though; resetting the modem has gotten rid of my rezzing problems. And it seems the file corruption has stopped. Which means the shapes that are corrupted are sadly lost but the rest of them seem okay. I'm gonna wait and see if there's a response to my tickets, thank you very
  3. Hello Rolig, Are you sure that's the problem? Because I've never had this issue before. As I'm writing this my Wifi connection is at 20 up/135 down. Which, obviously isn't the best it could be, but I hope no way of using a cable as the distance is too great between my modem and PC. I will try a hard restart and unplug my PC for a few minutes, I've heard that could solve the packets loss problem a bit. My modem is from late 2017. Thank you for the suggestions, I'll let you know if that changes anything. Hello Whirly, Oh no, I think I did. I got logged out duri
  4. Hello everyone who might be reading this! I'm concerned. Yesterday and the day before I had problems rezzing up to yesterday afternoon where I suddenly couldn't log in at different times. The loading bar kept freezing at "waiting for region handshake". (Gyazo screenshot) https://gyazo.com/799c95859d2384f7306f5abdf072bc80 And then I kept getting a popup; "We're having trouble connecting. There may be a problem with your connection or the Second Life Grid." https://gyazo.com/6ba6af7ffacbcbafcb6d31982953c903 I just installed Firestorm (v. anew - be
  5. For a while now it seems the same avi's with almost empty profile have been following me around whenever I moved to another parcel. I've tried banning them one by one but there are so many and always others coming back. They all have the same things in common, they're older avies that look pretty noobie and without AO's, they rotate on their axes and just stand there on one spot. They do not respond to IM's and are all members of the Univeral Gameroom group. At first it was just that they rezzed on my private parcel ( of which I banned them from ) but now it seems they follow me around to ot
  6. I've checked my name, password and made sure my Firewall allows my viewer ( Firestorm Beta v2.5.2.16922 ). It started off by sometimes not allowing me to log in for a while and I received this message; You have been logged out of Second Life. This region may be experiencing trouble. Please check your connection to the internet. And I did check my connection, other online games seem to be working just fine too.. And I could still log in with an older viewer ( Phoenix, which I do not prefer 'cause it misses some beloved features ), but since yesterday night I keep getting this message; Cannot c
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