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  1. Hi, I see this was posted several years ago now. I am looking for exposure to natural Korean conversations (that are not boring textbook dialogues) so am seeking Korean speaking communities in SL. If you have suggestions, I'd love to hear. I am not looking for lessons but looking for exposure natural conversations/community. I found the TOV group but it appears you can only join by invitation. I'll also look at Kota Korea Town when I get a chance to login. Any recommendations of places and spaces in SL where I might be exposed to Korean language text/local chat or spoken - directly or passively would be appreciated. regards, m. PS: Yes. A necro post (they can sometimes be helpful).
  2. I stumbled across this post because I am attempting to learn Korean and wanted some more exposure to Korean speakers. I did a face to face class with King Sejong Institute this year and will be applying to continue again this year. (They offer a range of excellent online learning resources at http://www.sejonghakdang.org + apps). In addition I use Talk to Me in Korean (https://talktomeinkorean.com) website, texts and videos to supplement my learning. However, having access to native speakers to get used to natural conversation that isn't contrived text book dialogue would be a plus and I wondered what SL communities exist where I might get either direct or passive exposure. I will be doing my own exploration via places/community directory but am open to suggestions from other residents, particularly Korean speakers or those seeking similar exposure. 감사합니다
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