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  1. For me it's a matter of perspective... Yes, there are fantasy role playing sites and mature role playing sites, with HUDs to support certain types of actions. However, all of SL is role playing, if you wish. While some people choose to just chat in conversations, you could make all your interactions in-character. If you get enough people together to meet regularly at certain times, then you've created your own "game." I myself have been looking to bring together business types and "idea" types to create a new business. We'd meet at various locations to brainstorm. Initially, I'd like to plan a fictitious business. Then I'd like to see if we could implement it in SL, where Linden $ are a lot more affordable than real $. Then I'd like to find an investor to implement in RL, showing them the data collected in SL. Any takers? Let's brainstorm how this would actually be implemented.
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