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  1. Our sim was deeded to our group, and about a month ago the sim owner abandoned the sim. But the land still shows in the group info under "Land & L$". The sim is gone though. How long will it take until the land disappears from there?
  2. yeah i guess you are right... but: i am single in SL, and i went to a "freelance" escort girl once. She had a partner in her profile. I could see by her mouse crosshair that she was looking outside somewhere... and when i asked her for voice she said she cant because her RL is home. So you think she was cheating on both her SL-and RL partner then?
  3. just curious... if somebody would cheat on their partner, but their RL is home and they would have to fake it (camera focusing to a neutral spot) Would that still be cheating? i mean... the one who is cheating would not be able to enjoy it if they have to fake it? If that makes sence... what do you think?
  4. Well she thinks i used to flirt with one of her old friends. but i never did. She keeps saying things like "you are flirting with others too". But honestly, i havent flirted with anyone for a long time (almost 2 years). I just want her, and nobody else.
  5. Just curious if it would be ok to flirt with others when you are in a relationship? My girlfriend has an alt who is single and likes to flirt with other guys. She thinks i would flirt with others too, but i dont. Well i know i can trust her, but i am not quite happy that she flirts with others. I would rather she "flirt with me" :matte-motes-grin: So i can tolerate it... How are you guys doing it if i may ask? Do you let your partners flirt with others? Or no?
  6. Just wondering if some of those "free" textures are really free and legal, or if there are some of them were copybotted. I love to build, but i want to use only "legal" textures. And theres alot of free textures which are full perm. I have a texture organizer with more than 10,000 textures in it too.Most of them are very useful, but theres some "bad quality" textures as well. But... How will i know if a texture is copybotted or not?
  7. ok i dont know who to ask... but i think for a man it might be pretty hard when you want to role play sexual acts, and a family member (Mother, daughter, brother or whoever) comes home. How would you handle that? I mean, you have to finish the role play, but maybe have to do other things RL too while playing. For example: We are sitting on a sex poseball, but my camera focuses to a neutral place (outside the house) And i have to get up from my chair, do things rl, run back to the computer, typing "ohh that feels so good" and going forth and back between computer and doing things rl. Have you ever been in a similar situation? I mean, sometimes i feel bad because i am basically "faking" but i want my partner to enjoy it too, and dont want disappoint her. Or should i better be honest and stop the role play?
  8. I am interested in Gor because the way they emote... and they are very descriptive, i like that. Well heres my question: If a gorean Master wants to cuddle (no sex) with his slave, but she doesnt feel like it (too tired in rl, or her kids rl are around), would he have to accept that? I mean, its just roleplay. or how would a Master handle that?
  9. i am new to role play and want to be a master of a slave girl who is actually my partner too. Sometimes when i tell her, baby do this please... then she sometimes doesnt do it right away. And when i keep "nagging" her, she goes like "patience please"... Example: Me: Baby lets go home cuddle i have to logoff in 20 mins Her: Let me finish this please Me: You can do that later, lets go cuddle now Her: patience please... ((sometimes she gets mad if i act too impatient)) Am i doing something wrong? Or doesnt she sometimes see that i am role playing with her? In my eyes, we are always role playing (even if she doesnt wear her collar). But she likes to do her own things too sometimes. How would other masters handle that? (if the slave is also the partner)?
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