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  1. I purchased and installed a GEFORCE GTX 650 graphics card from ASUS and ever since, all textures that are alpha/invisible based are now white. How can I fix that? Edit: Sorry, I purchased the new card and a friend of mine replaced it into my hard drive. I'm going to try updating but any other suggestions are welcome. I 'm definitely NOT techincally inclined! I've noticed that besides the alpha textures, some mesh bodies aren't loading either. Especially the ones on men. Edit #2: I updated the driver and made sure everything was enabled per the first answer but the alpha textures are still showing white. It has to be something that I need to check/uncheck in the graphics section of my preferences but I'm not sure what. :/
  2. Question about the new boxes that are replacing the old Magic Boxes for direct delivery: 1. Where can I get the new box? 2. Will I have to readd all the information for each boxed item once I make the change or do I just load the box with my items and sync?
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