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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to understand my question! This makes sense and they could limit requests to prevent griefers from exploiting this.
  2. There are infinite joint positions and rigs out there. Playing an undeform script isn't always the solution. It rarely is. Even changing the avatars shape can offset the location of joints. For example. if I animate+translate an anim for breasts size 50 and a user with size 90 breasts uses the animation, her breasts will be shrunken down to size 50 sizes.
  3. Is there any good reason for this? Why should the user have to log out and log back in to reset their skeleton for everyone else to see them as un-deformed? Is there a jira on this? Would be great if this could be done by script too.
  4. In order to minimize disruption during an outage, it's really important that you follow these steps: - DO NOT RESET ANYTHING. - DO NOT RE-REZ ANYTHING. - DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING. Our system has off-grid backup servers which will catch and store AND RECOVER transactions even during a global outage like this - if you reset, re-rez, or delete your vendors or rental units, they will no longer be able to accept any transactions.
  5. Creator of the Physics **** here AKA "The P". Make sure your partner has the latest version of mama allpa. We recently got mama allpa support. Message me anytime!
  6. Sorry I didn't understand what you meant at first. Why would anyone in their right mind attach a visible attachment to a hud? I'm sure it has happened before to someone out there but not in this case.
  7. Maybe there's a bug in firestorm that isn't rendering some attachments for some users. Normally people wouldn't know if an attachment is missing but when lady bits can't be seen, people tend to notice.
  8. This rigged mesh is not attached to any hud. It has a hud, but it;s not attached to it.
  9. I sell mesh lady bits that is visible to 99% of users except some users claim that others cannot see it. I had one customer (who said her partner couldn't see it) come to my store and I saw it perfectly fine.
  10. Attached through script, yes. There is an invisible button in the hud that hides the attachment. The owners claim they hide and show it and it still stays invisible to the other user.
  11. I sell a rigged attachment that has both rigged and non rigged visible objects linked together. I have heard reports from some customers that they can see the attachment/body part fine but others cannot. Any ideas?
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