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  1. HI all, If you are interested in reading, discussion of books, and vintage books please stop on by the Philomena Memorial Library on Thursday at 6PM SLT. We're reading Will Irwin's 1910 novel entitled The House of Mystery. We already started, but anyone is welcome to attend. We'll be discussing chapters 5, 6, and 7. This will be followed with a voice reading of chapter 8. On July 16 we're having a poetry reading in our reading garden at 5PM SLT. Poems being read will be from the prior to 1910. Please, again, feel free to join us.
  2. The Stroll Through Philomena is happening all day today, February 9 in The Town of Philomena (1910s small-town America). Your friends and neighbors in Philomena are opening their homes for a 10-course Edwardian formal dinner (a la Downton Abbey) where each course is served in a different home. The event lasts all day for just one day. Click on any of the signs around town for information on how to take The Stroll. Edwardian/Victorian/1910s dress is strongly encouraged, but not absolutely required; we ask that you do be dressed though!
  3. Aug. 18-24 celebrate art at the town of Philomena Art Walk. Explore a unique 1910-1919 small town and enjoy a stroll through the week-long Art Walk put on by Philomena's two art museums, "A Little Bit of ..." and "Victoria Luise Philomena". Exhibits include work by Édouard Manet, Gustave Courbet, Jean-François Millet and others. Direct SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Myron/140/153/36
  4. The Town of Philomena is a small town set during the 1910 Progressive Years in America (think Edwardian). The small town boasts some of the loveliest streets, homes, and shops. Our community is growing and we'd love for you to come make your home with us! We have a large library, a community park, several roads for driving, and even a rail road coming to town. Our town connects to two SL roads and the SLRR. We are also within viewing distance of the water. We are not a strict role-play community, but we do encourage light, situational interaction. Our focus is more on a virtual living history experience. The pillars for founding Philomena were community, collaboration, education, and the arts. So, come on by and join us! If you find you enjoy your visit and would like to rent a home in town, please visit out blog with listing information. Should you be interested, please feel to contact me, Thaddeus Nadeau, with inquiries.
  5. The Town of Philomena's public library is hosting it's book club, Vintage Reader's, May 10 from 6PM SLT to 7 PM SLT. The current novel selection is Edna Ferber's Personality Plus. The Vintage Reader's Book Club holds a meeting once a month to discuss a text from the 1910s or earlier. If you enjoy books, tea, and good conversation then please do stop on by and join us. If you haven't been able to read or finish the book, that is fine. You are still heartily welcome. Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Myron/101/92/39 Information on the novel of choice this month: https://thetownofphilomena.wordpress.com/vintage-readers-book-club/
  6. UPDATE: Only the 5136 sq m remains. Roadside!! Asking a very fair 1L per Sq. M.
  7. Parcel for sale on the Polkadot region Quiet, green region. Parcel is ROADSIDE. Asking a VERY fair 1L per sq m. 5136 sq m
  8. It would be nice if LL lowered the tier rates, or offered more sq m for Premium members (as often mentioend - 1024 sq m over a 512 sq m parcel). Mainland is the cheapest route and the one that my group took when obtaining a great deal of land recently. We're very happy where we are and it offers an opportunity for explorers to accidentally find us. Exploring this petition is a viable and good effort. Perhaps, in the past, LL has declined to take this step; however, perserverance and continued efforts do not hurt anyone. Keep trying and do what you feel is the right thing for you to do (just like I'd say to anyone). There will be some who disagree and they are entitled to that opinion. There will be some who decide they see futlility in the effort and they are entitled to that opinion. There will be those who jump in with you and hope for change and they, too, are entitled to that opinion. Change is never easy. Change is something that must be worked at. If your efforts succeeed, that's great. If your efforts do not, well you tried. There's no harm in trying.
  9. Yes, it does take a lot of time to provide quality support. I didn't mean to sound ignorant of the fact. If she is making a presence in another virtual world, it would make sense that she would prefer to focus her time an energy there.
  10. Oh, what a shame. So many lovely and awesome places and goods are leaving lately. However, there are also new excellent ones coming. However, this is sad news indeed. Koshari's builds have been in SL as far back as I can remember. Shame that she didn't keep her MP listing though. Her work seems, rather seemed, to have been very popular. Many times, you can find a Four Winds house or piece of furnishing while traveling. Regardless where Koshari went, I wish her the best of luck and propserity.
  11. Mac, I can understand your frustration. It sucks that people ban you for no good reason besides basis of your connections. I've fallen victim at a time myself; I suspect I know why, but I don't know from the mouths of those who did it. I can only speculate, but honestly, I don't care. I come here to build, market my small shop, have fun and leisure, and talk with true friends. The only explanation that I can offer is that we can never understand the mind of the paranoid and self-indulged. What I have done is move forward and do my best to work around it.
  12. I have appreciated reading all of the comments posted on here thus far. I've been visiting various RP sims lately to find one or two locations for small outlets for my own store. What I noticed often was the high price to rent for a smaller number of prims; in furnishing, I like to have items out so people can test them and see how they look inworld, not just in a picture. I could have them tp to my store, but I know what often happens is people will keep checking out the stores there on that sim and maybe come back. So, anyway, in order to display more than a few items, it becomes necessary to require more prims; thus pay more rent. Not that I mind paying rent. I understand the purpose; I operate my own small shopping area with some other shopkeepers so I understand the need to pay tier. So, what I have been looking for so far are places that 1. my items fit the theme; 2. seem to have an active community; 3. appears to be updated (this is a big area for me). I have seen some places that are now mostly vacant and their builds have not been updated in a while. It may be personal taste, or that their emphasis is more on the RP than the builds themselves, but, to me, the builds are an essential component as those are what people see before even seeing our merchandise inside.
  13. Welcome to SL! Enjoy it and all that you can do. The new days are the exciting days of exploration and awe; these still continue in different ways as you SL age.
  14. Yes, as Melita points out, tier is the issue! I had a heck of a lot of land that spanned Bradmoor and Macclaine. In the process of using it, I created a quaint village where we had some shops set up. The main objective, though, was to create a beautiful place that people could come and relax and walk around; shopping didn't hurt either. In creating my place, it was imperative that nature be integrated. We had old paths, benches, trees, animals, a stream, and SNOW in winter. It was exciting to see and people use the area to relax and to get feedback from visitors. It was hard in some spots, to figure out what to do as there was a slop in the hillside, but you can buy these lovely plateaus from some garden designers. I loved creating that haven, but the tiers are what made me hit the reality button. Not that I am complaining. This Hidden Hollow, a I called it, is gone now but that is part of the fun of SL - being able to create, maybe move on, and continue to develop your imagination and creativity in many different ways.
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