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  1. How is "processing credit" different from paying with an ordinary credit card? You keep giving as an example "pay pal," which is a payment method that draws from other payment methods, in other words you can "pay into it." I use a credit card to buy Lindens. When I register for Tilia, do I still have to provide picture ID and SS number? So is having, say, a VISA or an AMEX card "processing credit" in your books? I don't know how else you'd buy lindens, unless you wrote a check to Linden Lab.
  2. Wouldn't THAT be cool. Sigh.... They are doing some interesting things with Mesh bodies and Bento heads in Second Life already. They've got to allow us some leeway there, or the ability to have our bodies custom designed.
  3. I'm here at Morris, Maestro. 20/115/31. On Aditi. Is this the right place? It's a sandbox owned by "Governer Linden." I'm in front of a sign that says "To Building." I had to find Morris on the Search function. I'm in Firestorm. There was no problem teleporting to Morris' fixed point (no rezzing underground and being unable to move), but I had to walk to the coordinates you gave. There is nothing much here to test. I showed up without my shoes--but I was able to change my outfit several times successfully. My HUDs are in place at least, and they work. There is some lag over at Bonifacio where there shouldn't be. kbps goes up into the red. What else am I to expect here, and what do you want me to observe with respect to the Magnum Bug outlined in my issue BUG-1460? I am still having problems on my island in Aditi. rezzing under the water, unable to move immediately. HUDs don't operate correctly. Unable to see all of my complex structures.... like my skybox house. But on Morris I could at least open my emote HUD and it was all there.
  4. Hi, Maestro, again. The instructions for logging into Aditi say that "you can use the same Second Life viewer you already use to log into Second Life!" Does that mean that I can log into Aditi from my Firestorm viewer?
  5. I used to be able to comment on BUT-1460 (about Magnum Bug: My Entire Skybox is gone.) Am I disallowed from commenting on that page? The comment button is gone. I want to try out aditi, but I don't know what it is. Is it an alternate Second Life? i.e., another grid?
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