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  1. Finally they post the issue onto the Grid Status page: http://status.secondlifegrid.net/2011/02/09/post1215/
  2. Sheesh...that doesn't sound like a very good step in the right direction. lol
  3. Thank you Milarien!! I'm not surprised that it's taking so long...their "couple of minutes" always turns into "a couple of hours or more." lol
  4. Yes Peewee, this is the same account I'm trying to log into the viewer with.....so clearly my account should be okay considering I can log into the website with no issues. I'll try what you suggest. Thanks so much!
  5. Thank you TC for replying...however, I've already tried what Marigold's post suggested, and that doesn't help. My issue can't be a "ghosting" issue because as far as I know I'm not logged in. I don't get the "system is logging you out" message....I'm only getting "Login Failed." I logged out last night...hours ago. And I had no problems logging out. No crashes or anything. I'm not sure what's going on.
  6. Yes, that's the same issue I have. Thank you Lili for responding...now I'm sure it's not just me. lol
  7. As far as I know I'm not online and I shouldn't be. I logged out last night and this is the first I've tried to log in today. I'm not getting the message that the system is logging me out...I'm only getting "Login Failed." This account is on my alts' friends list, and it doesn't list this account as online when I log her in.....so I'm not sure that's the issue. Thank you for the reply, though. At least I know if that is the problem then it's not just me. lol
  8. Yes, this account is new...but I'm not.  I have alt accounts that I use at times, and I've been able to log into at least one of those just fine.  But this one I can't seem to get online.  Every time I try I get "Login Failed." Why is it that I can't log this account in, but I can with another?  I'm using the same computer, same internet connection, and I'm able to log into the website with no problems. Anyone got any ideas on how I can solve this problem??  Thanks.
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