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  1. I'm not sure I understand how that would send text TO a website, which is what I want it to do so that I can see who is on my land without having to log in.
  2. I've been wanting to create a visitor tracker with a web interface for my land. What I want is a lsl script that will stay inactive until I call on it from the website, then it will send a list of who is on my land to the website. I'm not sure how to script the request button or have the lsl script write info to the website. Also my web hosting plan doesn't support PHP. It's the free hosting plan that comes with your domain if registered from Doteasy. Would I need to upgrade my plan? Or is there a way to do it under javascript? I've been working with a lsl script that reads text from my website, but I'd like one that writes TO it. I don't want the lsl script to remember everyone who came by, just display who is currently there.
  3. I know this may sound logical, but instead of breaking the agent data function so that it's far less functional, why can't LL simply recode it so it shows the resident's chosen status? I know that this script function was put in way before we had the ability to hide our status, but it shouldn't be that hard to change it. If it is, then it's poorly coded, and in desperate need of updating. If a person chooses to be hidden, the script should show them as offline. Simple as pie, huh? No need to break what works. Instead, update it.
  4. I do find it funny that a LSL command that has been in SL since the beginning, is just now starting to make people uneasy. People don't seem to notice something unless it's shown to them in a GUI though, so it's isn't that surprising.
  5. First Hollywood tries to get bills passed to kill the internet because they don't like how people online make way better stuff then they do. Now Linden Lab is disallowing features to be added to TPVs that aren't in the default viewer, in a attempt to kill TPVs because they know TPVs are way better. When will the insanity end? It's not like LL makes money off the default viewer, so let us have our features! I for one refuse to use Second Life If I'm ever forced into a state where I'm not allowed to use something like RLV. I've made so many scripts, toys, machines, avatars, clothes, and HUDs that rely on it. It's like if they suddenly disallow megaprims after all this time, or disallow renting land from other people. Not a good idea.... It's one way to chase everyone to an opensim grid somewhere where that stuff IS allowed. So lets hope we are just over-reacting, and that LL doesn't mean much by this. I would say we need a Linden to pop in and tell us the rundown on this situation in a way we can all understand it, without being so cryptic, and possibly give us an idea of which individual features do violate these new terms. However getting answers from them is like getting answers from SOE. They would much rather make the changes now, pretend to listen, and act as if everyone is happy, then to actually sit down and talk. Sorry if this post was a bit rash, but I've been here since 04, and I've seen a lot of bad decisions be made. After this long, without some type of muse to keep you happy with such changes, you develop sort of a callus attitude towards those who make such changes.
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