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  1. I use Linux Mint 64bit with the 64bit Singularity viewer and I don't have any issues getting SL working. Unless I try to compile my own viewer. THEN I run into failures (even if I have the dependencies). But using the prepared download works like a charm, so I really don't really need to build my own. I was just curious to try it... 64bit firestorm works too except media on a prim will not play youtube videos at all. It works fine under singularity. I think the firestorm team has plans to fix it, but it's a back burner plan, so for now I use singularity, which tries to keep up with latest features, but the rendering of shaders is sub-par compared to V3 based viewers.

  2. For those who haven't read the recent blog post: Upcoming Improvements to Second Life http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/Upcoming-Improvements-to-Second-Life/ba-p/2778336 One important thing I noticed is the plan to fix web content. For a long time as a 64bit Linux user, I've had to use Singularity as my viewer of choice (not a bad thing, I actually love it), because up until this year there never was any other 64bit viewer for SL. Singularity was first! :P Now that Firestorm has done it, I'm noticing a new issue crop up around web content in SL. For those of you who can test it to see if it's just me; I encourage you to download and run any flavour of 64bit Ubuntu Linux on a spare computer, log into SL with 64bit Firestorm and then Singularity, and try to play a YouTube video on a prim and compare how each viewer reacts to the Flashplayer YouTube uses. It will most likely work flawlessly for Singularity, but for Firestorm it will most likely show the player but not play the video (infinite loading spinny thing). If this is the case for you, it will confirm it's not just me. Now I'm not saying Firestorm is bad (quite the contrary, I love it). I'm just saying that to me it looks like Singularity found a workaround for a problem involving Flashplayer or 32bit architecture being used on a 64bit system. But there lies the problem. We shouldn't have to rely on a 3rd party viewer to give us access to vanilla SL features. Thus I'm glad web content is being looked at, and I hope this part of it gets fixed. Keep in mind that unlike Windows, 64bit Linux wont just always run 32bit stuff. There has to be system files (libraries) installed to make them work. And sometimes even that doesn't do it. So kudos to LL for noticing web content is broken due to them not updating the in-world browser in ages, and hopefully this gets fixed.

  3. Crim Mip wrote:

    Windows is bloated, slow at times, and not the most stable OS, but I know I can just download, install, and run software and generally have it work. If Linux ever manages to get somewhat close to that point, I'll probably try it out again.

    Its actually been that easy for years now. At least with Ubuntu and Mint. The software manager lets you dowload apps from an app store environment. You search for what you want, click install, wait, then access it from the start menu. Sadly there is no SecondLife in that store. However as I stated before; you only need to download SL, extract it, and double click SecondLife in the folder to run it. When you run SL for the first time, it automatically places an icon in the start menu in the "internet" section.

  4. ^ What she said. This is why I recommend dual booting both systems together, and picking which one you want to use by a boot menu (grub). I see running windows in a VM a waste of time, and wine is far from perfect. I use it a lot, and for a lot of things it works great and fast, but there are lots of things that even if you make a prefix just for it, with all the necisary things I demands, it still refuses to launch. So always dual boot windows with linux. That way you can switch back and forth. And to answer the million dollar question. Yes it is faster.

  5. I know I'm just repeating others here, but if this is about getting SL on a ancient computer; I have a 4 year old ASUS laptop that has ran SL just fine for all-day periods since I first bought it. You can get a decent SL-friendly desktop or laptop for under $400 ($200 if you really look hard) off sites like amazon, tiger direct, newegg, and even ebay. You may sometimes have to build it from a kit, or assemble each piece at a time, but you can still get a whole pre-built PC that cheap as well. back in 2009 my laptop was $700 and I'm sure thats dropped since then. Its rediculous to pay a monthly fee to access something everybody else on the planet can access for free. If its about being mobile; get 'Lumiya' for android or 'pocket metaverse' for IOS. Those two viewers perform greatly. This is the whole reason I don't use 'mobile grid client' for android. Why let people nickel and dime you like this? Lumiya is under a 1 time payment to own, and I see it worthwhile because its built from the ground up for different architecture, and its creator is only asking for that one initial purchase.

  6. I personally use linux mint (pick which you prefer) (I also use XFCE). I can vouch I can use ultra graphics settings without any lag on a 2 year old quad core PC with 4GB ram, and a somewhat dated nvidia card. Not only that but if I reduce the graphics settings slightly, I can multi-task up to 8 viewers before my PC starts to choke. Back when I used Windows 7, I could barely run 2 viewers at once, and could never use ultra settings at all. Same computer, just a less bloated OS. My favorite SL viewer is Singularity, but if you want to use firestorm you can. Just keep in mind that firestorm still has yet to have 64bit support, which requires ia32 libraries. Singularity should work out of the box though. Both as easy as extracting a zip file and double clicking an icon.

  7. Any slower than it is now and I could swear LL is using AOL...

    1. Pages take forever to load

    2. Attempting to add items to cart fails half the time

    3. After purchase, the cart sometimes doesn't empty

    4. The site errors out if it takes too long

    5. I'm sure theres a dead hamster inside the server somewhere. Get the spatula.

  8. "is it just me seeing this, or has "every" 7-foot tall blingtard dating drama resident added 'Baby Girl' to her display name over the last year?"

    LOL Even though I'm a fur so I don't hang around those types I still tend to see them when TPing around. It puzzles me too. I just chalk it up to "it must be a human thing..." lol. :)


    "Big corporations though - Google, Facebook, Amazon, Miscrosoft, Apple... we have no chance of stopping them..."

    I think the only way to hurt a big corp is in the wallet. It's like their family jewels in a way. But the problem here is EVERYONE has to hit them there for them to feel it. Sadly theres still enough people doing business with microsoft and walmart to keep them in business for a century.

  9. I've been against the NSA every since hearing they have a backdoor to everyone's operating system since Windows 95 (even Mac and some linux distros). On the topic of spying on WoW Xbox and SL, I think I know what they're REALLY doing. They're being paid to waste time raiding dungeons or reading chat logs of people cybering / yiffing. Heck they're probably participating, those pervs... Any time I picture the NSA or the CIA in my mind, I'll forever think about Stan Smith's and his CIA co-workers on the TV show American Dad. They're childish goons who enjoy flaunting about how they know where everyone lives and what they're doing because it gives them a power high. As if a terrorist would use SL to talk about plans... Sheesh. If they are its over voice no doubt, which from what we all know is not monitored by LL and is in fact not in their control anyway (Vivox's servers). If they spy on what I do in SL they're going to hear a lot of independant party hippyish rantings and LSL commands being typed. I'm against the NSA yes, but what can we do about it? How do we fight back? Who will listen? Will they care? These are questions I've been asking for years. Nobody has an answer unless its "call your senators", but it's the senators who agreed to all of this in the first place. I don't see them lifting a finger, as long as they're sitting back cozy living the high life. They don't care about us. They never have. It doesn't matter which wing says what because all polititions are liars. I don't trust any of them. We pay them to lie to our faces. And for those with the mindset "If you didn't do anything wrong, you have nothing to be afraid of", enjoy the corporate police state you're allowing to happen by not caring...

  10. The only form I've seen any (first or thrid party) viewer packaged for linux would be bz2 archives. I'm sticking to mint 15 (raring) until someone finds an acceptable permanent solution to the defunct libraries in saucy. For those who use saucy, there are 2 viewers who make 64bit linux viewers. Singularity and Kakua. Singularity has had a 64bit linux viewer for almost a year now. I prefer Singularity because it has RLV support, while Kakua doesn't. Aparently the code is hard for them to work with, even though Singularity incorporates it into their almost daily alpha builds with no fuss. I think waiting for Firestorm to release a 64bit linux viewer we will be holding our breath a long time...

  11. Yeah thats true. The meshes I have imported so far have had to be reduced in verts quite a lot. The biggest issue I have with Sculptris though is the method they use for texturing faces. I'm sure you know what I mean. Especially when used in SL and your just rendering a mesh and see all the cracks in the texture.

  12. I voted and commented on it. Seriously though this is the big time plot stopper for a lot of avatar makers in SL. As I stated in my comment, I can spend 8 hours in front of blender tearing every strand of hair from my head and come up with absolutely nothing but a foul temper and 3 empty cans of mountain dew... First of all I barely know how to use blender. I had to download sculptris to make my meshes, then port them into blender to rig them. So far I got lots of meshes and none rigged... It ticks me off that it has to be so difficult... As much as I love how pretty things can be these days, I miss the days when avatar creation was prim based and didn't require 3rd party tools. I'm running linux right now so anything that requires unity web player wont work, but it looks like that auto-rigger site is for unity 3d. All I can say is if this can be done for unity, it CAN be done for SL. My question is; why hasn't anyone done it? Theres tons of us who would pay good money for it. Yet nobody catered to it. Heck even if it's a program I buy off the marketplace like avpainter or one of those other awesome tools. I'd buy it!

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  13. I accepted the upgrade today from raring to saucy, expecting it to be fine. At first it was. Then I discovered that due to the error you mentioned, the only SL viewer still working is singularity. So I backed up my documents to my other drive and installed Mint. I always liked Mint better anyway... However eventually Mint will have to upgrade to saucy and we will be faced with this same problem unless someone finds a workaround by then (january isn't it?).

  14. I've been an active estate manager in SL for about 6 or 7 years now and I know a scam when I see one. As of the past 6 months I usually get some random free account pop into the sim, spam group invites to everyone, then leave before they can be caught. On top of that theres a fee for entry to the group. I always have to remind people not to fall for it. As of the past few months however the number of times this happens in starting to increase. The sim I EM is a small residential estate, and after I'm done writing this post I plan to talk to my Owner about it to see if theres anything that can be done on his end. We like to keep access public so visitors can come in though. Has anyone else noticed this problem getting worse lately? I'm sure theres a legitimate reason out there somewhere why someone would need to have group fees, but in all my years I've never once used it. However I don't see a reason why the fee should be enabled for invites. Now if you're joining it from search, thats different, but for an invite I think the fee should be waved. That might knock out a lot of this activity once its no longer profitable. LL really needs to get on the ball and find some way to detect or combat this scam, because I've heard about it even as far back as 2004 yet it's still possible to do it.
  15. The script I am using is the one from here, and I did fill out all 3 things. I have a API key which I added to the right part of the script, I put in my tinycc username, and here is what I put for the url.

    string CUSTOM_URL = "swivs";

    No matter how many times I reset the script, nothing changes. The script is active. So I have no idea why it isn't working. All I can assume is something broke in the background which I'm unable to fix.

  16. Thanks for all the help everyone, but I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. I don't know any PHP or javascript. I'm trying to learn js but it seems too much work just to send data. I can do the LSL scripting side of things, but the web scripting side is just too confusing. I don't suppose I can request someone to build this for me? Here is what I've done so far. I did use the tinyurl thing btw.

    lsl script

    default{    state_entry()    {    }    touch_start(integer total_number)    {        llHTTPRequest("http://www.wolfeedarkfang.com/test.html", [HTTP_METHOD,"POST"], "");    }    http_request(key id, string method, string body)    {        llOwnerSay("request - " + body);        //llHTTPResponse(id, 200, body);    }    http_response(key id, integer status, list metadata, string body)    {        llOwnerSay("response - " + body);        //llHTTPResponse(id, 200, body);    }}

    You can see I currently have most functions //'d out until i figure out what they do and how it all works. I'm using ownersay so thescript tells me the results. It just spits out the contents of the test.html file though. Nothing else...

     test.html contents

    function httpGet(http://tiny.cc/swivs){    var xmlHttp = null;    xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest();    xmlHttp.open( "GET", theUrl, false );    xmlHttp.send( null );    return xmlHttp.responseText;}

     I'm sure the web side is done completely wrong, and I have no idea what to do with the info listed. I may just give up.

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