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  1. For payment in USD the price is 1,100 USD (includes trasfer fees to keep gradfathered status)
  2. Grandfathered 20k SIM Tiers: march 11th Tiers due every 11 until March 2nd price is: 130,000 Linden + 600Us$ for trasfer fee to LL to keep it grandfathered status (PRICE IS ALREADY REDUCED) the SIm must be paid ONLY in Linden and NOT USD TRASFER FEE MUST BE IN USD I won't be INWORLD so please contact me HERE As soon as you give me the "OK" i send the ticket Please, if you make an offer it should be "DECENT"! Thanks for your attention
  3. i am confused too! Is this the place where we post questions for Linden or....for me? LOL. Just to be clear. I paid (and many others) 600 US$ cause the DIFFERENCE between normal and grandfather was 100 US$ per month! Otherwise i wouldn't have paid any dime! OK? That is what Linden told us! NEVER Linden said that difference would have last a limited number of months. Of course they said "The 195 US$ will be for ever". But they "FORGOT" to say "In a while we will lower thy nornal tiers". Do you think i would have paid 600$ if Linden would have said the COMPLETE truth? NO, of course. Yes, of course i saved about 1000 $ in two years. And something else in future. And i ma happy with that! But it is not a matter on how much i saved or not. It is a matter of being honest and trustable. If i would have done that with my tenants, they would have pursued me with sticks!! Ok ? And now let's focus on questions for Linden. Thank you
  4. I totally agree with Dunsmore, and everyone who bought down a sim, now feels ripped off. After what you Linden did with Buying Dow, who can trust you when you promise new benefits? I surely won't unless you say clear and loud how long they will last: 1 year? 2 years? for ever? It would be FAIR if you Linden will do ASAP one of two for buy down sims: 1) lower the transfer fees or 2) lower the monthly tiers. That would be fair with users who (ashame on us!) trusted Linden lab.
  5. GRANDFATHERED Full 20k SIM for SALE. Accepting reasonable offers. Contact me here OR Inworld
  6. yes it is still available Contact me here or i will be online inworld at 5...6 pm SLT Thank you
  7. GRANDFATHERED 20 K PRIMS SIM for sale: NEXT BILLING DATE: AUGUST 11TH US$ 450 (If YOU pay 600 for Transfer) US$ 1050 (If I pay US$ 600 for Transfer) There are MANY long term tenants. CONTACT ME HERE OR INWORLD.
  8. GRANDFATHERED Full 20k SIM for SALE. Accepting reasonable offers. Contact me here OR Inwordl (i will be online from 5pm to 7pm SLT) ==========
  9. We sell an ADULT 46k plot of flat green roadside in MOONITZI (Zindra, adult) INCREDIBLE PRICE!!! WE CAN DIVIDE IN SMALL PLOTS JUST CONTACT ME HERE OR INWORLD http://slurl.com/secondlife/Moonitzi/139/121/57
  10. We sell a 1024 plot in Bay City MATURE http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bay%20City%20-%20Morton/224/81/25
  11. We give away for a very low price an amazing plot in Animatum: Parcel of 16,384 SQM WATERFONT: 30% WATER AMAZING SUNSET http://slurl.com/secondlife/Animatum/244/26/37
  12. Ok, non ho niente da dire ...lol..ma mi piace postare! SL mi va bene, sono contenta, il lag e' come sempre e le tasse sono care! Nessuna novita'! Certo avrei terre da vendere o fittare ma non mi sembra il caso....sembrerei un Vucumpra'! Quindi scusatemi se occupo spazio senza dire niente! Saluti a tutti! Lady
  13. We almost give away a rare and exclusive adult plot at the lowest possible price: Please compare our price with others in the same region and area. DOUBLE PRIMS ADULT WATERFRONT WATERPROTECTED 3 SIDES PROTECTED NATURAL FLAT BEACH AMAZING SUNSET GARLEON
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