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  1. Michi, when I was a newbie, I had NO clue about RP and did not even know that is what I wanted to do when I first came into SL. However, I found a WONDERFUL set of sims which include Sylvhara, Tarue Ru, Island of Shadows, Vana, and many more. We do try to help out those who are new, and there are classes offered from time to time to help you learn how to RP. All you need to do is send someone an IM and ask them to point you in the right direction. Many of us will let you know who to talk to depending on the sim you wish to play in. There are mentors available too depending on your race and class. My suggestion is to do a search, that is how I found the sims I ended up in, and find one that is most comfortable and welcoming to your needs. Once you find a sim you like, try to contact one of the admin as they SHOULD help you to get started or at least point you to a mentor. Hope you found this helpful!
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