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    isp logs

    Thank you for providing me with this information Nyll it was great help with my descision on what i should do.
  2. Maddi Rinq

    isp logs

    i do feel the information was misused but just to clarify by them gathering this information does it mean they can get more personal information if none of the steps below were taken. i gather that you are not a representive of LL, i'm interested in knowing where you go this information. You stated they are aware of shared media but to they understand that personal information being shared as well. Also If i'm understanding this correctly LL does not allow copybotting. does that include other bots as well.
  3. Maddi Rinq

    isp logs

    I was wondering how second life feels about isp logs and shop owners useing them. Recently came across a situation where a person knew of a few of my alts that they wouldn't otherwise had known about. It came out in conversation that they knew this information from a ISP log. The information that they gathered was then used and projected almost in a form of bulling. I have looked at the terms of service and the privacy that secondlife has and i feel there is a very thin line as to weather or not you permit this sort of action. How stand on these sort of actions would be greatly apprecatied.
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