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  1. Beta grid inventory VS regular grid inventory

    Thank you!
  2. When I log into the beta grid, my inventory looks like an older version of my regular grid inventory. If I delete items from the beta grid inventory, will it affect my regular grid inventory?
  3. Pretty much what the title says. I've gone premium and my partner can't set her home position in my Linden Home. What can we do?:womansad:
  4. The confirmation email shows 4 items purchased, but my transaction shows one item of the 4 billed twice. I contacted the merchant but he was only paid once. What are my options?
  5. Help please my stuff is gone ?

    Why didn't you "take" them? They're all in your "Lost and Found" folder. Some items may have been lost due to perms settings.
  6. What can I do about my footlessness in viewer 2.1?

    There's third party viewers that will work with those features. Phoenix. Ascent, Emergence, Kirsten's 19 and 20.
  7. Age Verification: How long does it take?

    Mine happened in under 5 minutes.