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  1. We are renting a little piece of space on the parcel that we rent. It's 2500 meters up and comes with a house on it. You get 300 prim to furnish it with. Stop by the landmark provided and click on the box on the sidewalk for more information :) http://slurl.com/secondlife/Rio%20Bravo/29/59/2501
  2. I've heard of RL partners getting jealous of SL but not the other way around... Unless you two have a RL comittment to one another then try sitting down and talking with them about boundaries and be careful not to use words that bring too much emotion into play when you are together in SL... hmmm what I mean is... emoting can be very powerful and it's not hard for one to become attached in RL,. If you don't want RL and they do then may be time to break it off.
  3. At 8pm Michelle75 Bleen will entertain you and set the mood with her sultry voice while you have 8 dates in one hour!!! You gret 5 minutes with 8 women/men to find the SL love of your life!! Get there early because there are only 8 tables that means 8 ladies for and 8 men. Ladies please take your seats as soon as you arrive to claim them. Men will be asked to sit and begin chatting at the top of the hour. Every 5 minutes you will be cued to move clockwise to the next table. There will be a 5 minute break 30 minutes in. Every else, grab your loved on and dance dance dance!! Slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bad%20Romance/20/44/3002
  4. We are looking for a DJ to hose our speed dating event. Pay is $L500 for a 2 hour slot. The speed dating lasts about an hour and then we'd like to have another hour of music. Please contact me in world to make arrangements. We are also seeking DJ's to will work for tips on a regular basis as well as singers for the same.
  5. Welcome to the grand opening of *~Sugar & Spice~*! We're kicking off our club with a round of speed dating. Here's how it works... You will have 8 one on one 5 minute conversations. We ask that during this time you are speaking in IM only with the person at your table. Focus all of your attention on THAT individual to make the most of your 5 minutes. Take notes so you can contact the one you find to be the most compatible so you can contact them later and set up a proper date :) Meet anyone else who catches your eye during intermission or after your 8th date. To keep the conversations comfortable and safe, participants don’t ask each other for personal RL contact information. Watch local chat for *time*. You'll be told when to move. Please so in a cloc wise direction. Ladies... When you enter the club please take a seat and remain seated through out the entire speed dating round. You do not need to move, the gentlemen will be moving in a clockwise direction every 5 minutes. We advise those wishing to participate to arrive early #1 to get a spot as there are only 8 available, #2 to give everything time to rezz for you. This event begins at 8pm but we will give everyone about 15 minutes to get in, seated and rezzed. Once the speed dating round has begun ladies please do not get up or tp out or you will lose your spot, gentlemen please move to the next seat in a timely manner. We expect the speed dating to be over at 9:00 pm. There is a 5 minute intermission half way through at which time we do ask that you not leave your seats that way we can begin the second half promptly. The intermission is to allow everyone time to go potty and get a drink/snack in RL :) or perhaps take care of waiting IM's. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bad%20Romance/26/38/3001
  6. Hi Ellis, Thanks for replying to our ad Would you mind contacting me in world please? I will try to look you up and send you a notecard with the landmark. We'd love to hear you.
  7. find what you needed? im not a professional but i've done lots of profile pics and love taking my own. you can see my profile for examples. hope you find someone to help you.
  8. Singers needed for new club. Grand opening is Sept. 17. We are looking for tips only singers new and established, live and backing tracks to add to our on going schedule. This is a great place for those starting out or those wanting to try out a new song or polish up their act. Please contact Peanut Avril for scheduling.
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