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  1. This is some great news, I would really like to see better support offered!
  2. Welcome to Second Life! I have been seriously been wanting to give up hope on Second Life for a long time but I think maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Look forward to seeing what you do and hopefully bring second life to the way it should be! Finally good to see they have got someone as ceo that sounds like they know what they are doing!!!
  3. Farewell Jack! Good luck!
  4. It's very nice to see you guys finally utilizing some services like what onlive.com is doing! I'm very excited for this and definitely happy to see this! Look forward to it going 100% open to the main grid!
  5. I really hope you guys do something about the support because the whole support experience is terrible right now! I have support tickets open for over 2 months now and no response no one is even working on them. I'm really about ready to relinquish my last region back to LL at this point. I'm a concierge level resident and boy has support started sucking! When I go to live chat for issues the old live chat used to be able to fix for me now the new live chat last name Ontymes or Ontynes tell me to open up a support ticket... I just don't understand why they can't fix the issues that the old sup
  6. Torley I like the sky box is it for sale? or did u buy it somewhere? It looks super cool! Thanks for the guide as always
  7. Good move LL, I am glad you are doing this because there are quite a few people out there abusing the discounted educational regions and not utilizing them like they are supposed to be utilized.
  8. Thank you for those direct links, I kept getting error pages on some of the wiki pages so was having trouble finding working ones..
  9. Okay, Today I just finally started to where I'm rdy to sell things on the Marketplace, I got the Xstreet box from the marketplace page rezzed it out popped 1 thing in to sell and now how do you configure this item to sell? I can't find it anywhere and can't find any instructions? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. omg omg I finally figured it out You simply hover over the persons name in the chat windows a little (i) pops up then you click that then click the gears and click Block/Mute! Wow that sure was hidden LOL!! Hope this helps anyone else that couldn't find it like me =)
  11. Okay! LOL I have no clue how to MUTE someone if they sent me an IM and they are not in front of me, on the old viewer you used to be able to click their profile then click MUTE button, But anywhere I look I can't seem to find it. However if the person is actually in front of me on my sim I am able to Right click the avatar and click Block. ( on viewer 2 ) For the life of me I can not find the MUTE/BLOCK button if you are not even near the avatar... Any help would be much appreciated
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