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  1. The reason I had a medical emergency, And have not been able to view my home at 1ALBeDrive in Jim Bush (26,40) I have 512 size Come visit I have L$91,996 thanks
  2. Hello, Why did the Premium Membership Price increased so High? I understand if it went up a few dollars but over $10.00 . Previous Quarterly price was $22.50/ now $32.97. Why? What do I do with my items in my house if I want to downgrade? And Sell my SL$ I have?
  3. Hello, I am having the same problem, It started when they did a rolling maintenance of the servers, i sent a report to support and still working to resolve it
  4. I live in central time zone. When an event has a time How do I know what SL time is with mine Thanks
  5. I am a Dj with a radio Station How do I get it on Second Life? Thanks
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