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  1. I relisted 2 of my 'unassociated' items pulled from store. Nice that both sold and only to find out - no where to be found again. Very strange no Lindens or moderators saying anything. 5 more items disappeared today. LL are you LISTENING??? --- Its lost revenue for both LL and us the merchants!
  2. "Seriously" seems to be a everyday occurrence with LL & the Marketplace, objects disappearing, lindens refunded, I even did a test run to myself "Delivery Failure" just 1 prim, no telling where it is ... wonderting if people in LL or bots employed??? Nefertiti Nefarious wrote: I just got an e-mailed delivery failure notice ... 1 - To an address I have not used with Sl in several years 2 - With a link to an order placed over a year ago, on the test server http://marketplace.aditi.lindenlab.com/orders/5804007 Invoice # 5804007 Ordered on January 13, 2011 Order Status: Delivery Partiall
  3. I have ceased ALL my breedables' "sales" on the Marketplace, leaving the Ad up and letting people know " Please IM / Notecard Lostboyz Levee for Purchase" ... I hate havening to explain the poorly managed Marketplace at LL. And yes tickets are being answered without a blink ... "known problem." I not only love breeding & selling my Biobreeds dogs but many others do to, from raising them to various events, races even swimming LOL. Till LL gets competent people in to FIX this "migratory" headache ... I counted 32 sales this week alone "Delivery failed" & "Not available for redelivery"
  4. I emptied all my creations ,,, just not seen any breedable warnings ... they wrking and selling fine 4 days ago ... canceling ALL MY ONLINE till linden labs fixes their problem Another one delivered but "refunded" .... by LL . BB BioBreeds Grand Rottweiler unbirthed Ready for your Home or Ranch 104226606 Delivery failed L$444 Not paid xxxxxxx Not available for redelivery
  5. Thanks for the reply ... only using DD on my own creations, breedables are another story still using the Magic boxes. LL needs some good programmers, the solution is simple ... Marketplace delivers the breedable, then goes back see item is gone ... its already verified the item was DELIVERED but then rechecks seeing item is gone ... DELIVERY FAILURE is an erroneous statement because of poor programming and trying mix "oranges and apples" -- DD & Magic Boxes. I will fight this till they fix it, I haven't got all day chasing clients down because of LL failure to correctly beta test the DD/
  6. Hello Lostboyz Levee, This is a known issue with the delivery of products through the Magic Boxes. I have verified the orders and the funds were returned to the buyers when the system failed the orders and Customer Support does not have access to the funds. It will be necessary to contact the buyers to verify that they received the item and to ask for payment. If the order has failed and the resident has not received a refund, they will need to create a case for further investigation. For more information about the Marketplace and other related services, please visit the Knowledge Base: http:/
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