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  1. I would appreciate a fix about that too. You can add the "kill physic problem" after a crossing. And now the false seat position...
  2. On Firestorm, an easy way to recover your direction keys, is to rebuild the bridge. Once done, you will be able to walk in any direction again.
  3. We are talking about a very different sport Dora. Faster and older vehicles than most popular sailboats. With a recently scripted boat, under 30 kts, crossings are most of the time pretty acceptable. Aircrafts are really faster, and a lot of ones made 1-5 years ago are still in use. Trust me, with some of them, crossings are another story. The changes during the year 2013, made them almost unable to cross more than a few sims before to encounter heavy problems. Some builders have been able to update their creations, unfortunately tons of others never will be...
  4. Yes, they're worse. The new physic engine broke them. We stayed 2 or 3 months with no possibility to cross a few sims safely with vehicles. Finally they patched them, and things went back almost to normal, except, and it's not a detail, for thousands of old vehicles (that includes excelllent ones wich will never be updated), wich still can't cross more than a few ones before to become absolutely crazy, or to fall like a stone. I think that it's almost impossible for LL to suppress the crossings, without coding again SL from a blank page. However, I joined SL in 2007 ; Although the visual aspect of SL and other things were improved, one thing never changed : the size of a sim. For me, it's the way, the easiest one to provide a great improvement to all vehicles users, and they wouldn't be the only ones to get some benefit from that. Meshes permit to build very larger vehicles, some of them are the size of an actual sim. Sometimes they really are a piece of artwork, but I won't buy something wich will be hard to use, because of the lack of space. As an aircrafts user, I take advantage of it to put the finger on the fact that a maximum 256 meters runway (without a bad crossing) has nothing realistic. Keep in mind that bigger sims mean less crossings to travel the same distance. Moreover, a 512m*512m sim for example, would provide a space large enough to have fun, whitout looking like a goldfish. So, more SL users would be inclined to buy or to rent sims. I speak probably in the desert, even if it is obvious that to survive, a virtual universe constantly has to offer a better experience of gaming. P.S. : A preview window, to render an object wich is inside the inventory, without to be forced to rezz it, would be interesting.
  5. You're fully right Judith, something changed, maybe 2 months ago. (like a new physic engine maybe, because even ground vehicles don't react exactly the same than before) I noticed all the bad effects that you mentioned. However, all planes are not affected the same way. Some crossings are able to "kill" the script, then your plane falls like a stone. Crossings always were touchy, but this kind of bug didn't exist in the past. It was more a problem to recover the control.
  6. Wait and See... Hard to get informations when you can't access the Jira. Thanks.
  7. Thank you. Does Maestro mean that builders will have to udpate all the vehicles built these past 10 years, in a way to activate the new feature ? I'm aware that nothing is eternal, especially in SL, however I'm not sure it was necessary to break thousands of vehicles including a combat system. What did we get in return ? Oh yes... sims crossings problems... once more... Maestro, if you read me, I really invite you to suggest Linden Lab taking into account the community of aviation before any change being able to affect the physic. We use the kinetic properties of SL on a daily basis, close to their limits, the slightest mindless modification can completely paralyze us in our activities. Moreover, some of the aviation builders use very sophisticated scripts, and will be among the first ones to notice a problem wich can be invisible for static users who consider SL as a social network only. On the other hand, a validated change by our care, would have quite the chance to be considered as positive by an immense majority of demanding players. Everybody would gain at it.
  8. Impressive ! I feel protected now... Hundreds of vehicles wich don't work anymore... Even the "best" griefer wouldn't refuse the paternity of such an act. Thanks for the information.
  9. I noticed the same problem with all kinds of projectiles : bullets, rockets, guided missiles, etc... Sometimes they work fine, then stop to work after a few shots. If you are in a place with more than one sim, you will probably notice that sim crossings make them work again, or stop them to work properly. I'm a VICE system user, but I was said that bug has affected other combat systems too.
  10. Cincia you said : "I believe that is a favorite excuse of people who don't want to learn how to use new SL features and viewers." Once again, it's The classic method to by-pass the problem, or to avoid to see it. I'm sure that such people exist... However, to classify all the complaints in this category has no sense. So, I will have to repeat my point of view. - I installed and tested maybe 10 viewers in the past 2 years. - My computer is probably as powerful as yours, especially its graphic card (because it's my job to sell them). - Yes new viewers are fast enough to chat with your friends and to have a walk in most of the locations. Now, try REAL DYNAMIC activities... Did you ever try to fly a jet on top speed with a draw a distance of 300m for example ? I bet you didn't do it. Because the difference of speed between good updated 1.X viewers (yes meshes capable) and V3 viewers is huuuuuuuuuuuuuge !!!!
  11. Have you used a Linden Lab viewer since 3.4.5? On my machine with a Nvidia GT 640 card, the current Linden Lab viewers have higher frame rates than the PRE-MESH version of Phoenix. I get much higher framerates than with any previous mesh viewer even in crowded locations and get very little framerate drop over time. The rendering engine was heavily revised in 3.4.5 - most TPV's haven't released a viewer using the new rendering engine yet so if you're running a TPV you won't see it yet. Of course, I did. As I said I tried a lot of viewers... and I continue to do it. Have you used a Phoenix viewer version able to rezz meshes objects ? It's night and day. Do it, and compare with Firestorm or the LL viewer. They are anemic and simply not compatible with sport activities. And once again, I'm talking about very dynamic activities. And yes my graphic cards are gamers ones... trust me... V2 or V3 viewers are not a problem for me to talk inside a club... The only problem is... I don't spend my SL time in clubs... I fly and fly fast... I need a solid minimum of 20 FPS with a draw distance of 300m or more...
  12. Now we can fly, sail, have all kind of fast sports and activities again. It's like to recover my freedom... I hope LL will understand that a lot of people are gamers in SL and not online to chat only. So, there are 2 options : To keep the 1.x viewer alive. Or to really really improve the speed of the new generation viewers. Their framerate is really poor and can drop at any time. And yes, my computer is really fast enough to run SL and tried a lot of different settings and viewers. And sorry to sound a bit rude, but if you think that new generation viewers can match the speed of the best 1.x viewer, I have to tell you that you don't know what you are talking about... maybe you use SL as a social network only, or spend all your time to build... whatever, I bet you don't spend your time to practice dynamic activities. I aim at nobody in particular. I would want just to be understood,, because we could recover an almost perfect SL world to fly, etc... and I feel that we're going to lose it again, wich is good for noone. TY.
  13. The crossing problem is perfectly fixed. Thank you ! It's very very important for the aviation community and many others... Keep them this way... They never were so good.
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