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  1. Unless I wear a face light which seems to give my avi horrible shadows, I get a constant flickering over my rezzed objects as if a light is swinging backwards and forwards. Anybody got any ideas?
  2. In Firestorm you can de-render objects selectively. Is that facility available in the lastest SL viewer?
  3. Voice is greyed out on all my computers (3 of 'em--Macbook Pro, IMac and a PC) in both Firestorm and LL viewer. It seems I can't connect to Vivox. Skype and all other audio programs work! Not a Fire wall issue. Help...
  4. WOW! Here I am running viewer 3.0.0 with Lion with no trouble at all (well just two Mac versions of the blue screen of death since 3.0.0 came out--otherwise many many happy SL hours with no problems). So I go to download the new viewer to discover that by using 3.0.0 with Lion I was taking my Second Life in my hands! Had NO idea! But--bit reluctant to download now--if it aint broke... Maybe I could be brave and see what happens?? i'll report back if I take the plunge... Incidentally I haven't had any trouble with Lion period!
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