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  1. Visionary , no but saavy....yes. Let's face it he realized he needed content for SL and the labor costs to hire people to create that would be huge. So he let us create the content not only for free for him but charged us to boot to do it in tier costs, membership fees and currency exchange fees. You have to hand it to him he figured out how to make money to create his product saving himself a ton of development costs , then he could use that free developed content to sell to those who wanted to see all the free content.
  2. What I find most telling about the article is two things. 1. That he has learned from his SL experience that he can get cheap labor. 2. That he has determined that he can make his money off of the currency exchange. The article states, "As with Second Life, the business has a virtual currency for buying, selling or bestowing tasks as gifts. Coffee and Power takes a 15 percent fee for moving the money back into real dollars" Wow, 15 percent? is that both ways? So he will get 15 percent when you buy his currency and 15 percent when you convert it back to USD? so not bad for him at all . He spends a relatively small amount of capital to generate a service which probably requires relatively small amount of maintenance and he gets cheap labor to boot. Sort of sounds like a modern day digital sweat mill. no min wage to contend with, no benefits to provide employees (because they are basically contract ).and they HAVE to use your currency and give you a cut both ways. I love the way he makes the fact he wants to use cheap labor as if he is benefiting some poor kid from another country. I just wonder if he would pay that poor kid the same as he would pay the harvard grad. Dont get me wrong, the concept of dividing a project into smaller tasks and having multiple work on it at one time does have its efficiencies. As well a pseudo barter system is also viable but sheesh.......people complained about the banks charging 5 percent for a debit card transaction and he wants to charge 15 percent? Lets see by the time they add on the fees to transfer the money from that account using pay pal or other reg bank fees, not to mention taxes or vat they wont have much left of the small amount they received as income.
  3. depends on what kind of person you like to model after ...... While the JFK certainly was charasmatic and handsome, the Kennedy patriachy was less than ethical and certainly had no regard for monogamy....oh wait yea you want to be a playa then JFK or any of the male Kennedys would be perfect role models lol. I think more so the Kennedys in general should be a model of what NOT to do . The patriarch of that family had little if any ethics, was a womanizer as most of the sons were, did what ever it took to obtain power....basically sold his soul to the devil. A good example of karma coming back to bite one in the ass. Sorry but the whole PR machine that tries to make the Kennedys out to be american royalty and camelot just turns my stomach.
  4. Ron, think you need to go to orientation island and see all the "great" stuff in store for the kids like the guy named onehardbigdick Resident. Yep a great place for 16-17 year olds.
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