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  1. ok , so i looked gaming rigs and other stuff , but all of them seem to cost alot of money for a good rig , or seems to be time related.  SO i looked online for a  already built gaming computer for under 1000$ bucks . All i want to do is play Secondlife with Ultra Maxed out settings with shadows! so i was looking at a electronic store closer to me and also is way price efficient compaired to Bestbuy . . .

    And it was Walmart ! 

    And the graphic card was a NVIDIA GeForce GT 520 

    is this the right way to go?

    and also this is the Pc with the Graphics card in it!



    and so back to my question . .  .is this the best way to go!? for maxed out settings ? im a newb when it comes to computers!

  2. My Suggestion is to just  Upload money . Its probably the most legit way to get money in sl without having to work 6-7 hours certain days . 20-30 $ can get you a good amount  of linden!  Premium is even better ! . 10$ a month with 300$ weekly allowence . Is good  for me ! . for example , i dont have a job in sl , i shop with freebees! and stuff from hunts ! but they always give out a certain color that doesnt meet the eye . Like a sample or something . ^_^ theirs alot of ways to earn money also .

    O and you can also earn money with earn2life ! ( its 100% Legit ) but it takes awhile to earn the money . 



    ~ Candi R.

  3. My sugestion is to go to Gothic / Emo Places.  .  .

    Most likely Metal Clubs , When i was with Bloodlines the region sometimes was full of goths .

     Dark Makeup , Black Short hair , and Pale skin! . Otherwise i wish you the best to ya! :smileyvery-happy:

    I call it the Vampire Look! ( but what do i know :P



  4. Ok , so i get the basics of shading, but not painting over the mesh to make it blend!

    for example 1) i buy templates ( nose templates/masks) and skin templates in general .

    All in All i just want to make a decent skin, 

    2) I want to use refrence photos to help , but their even smiling or doing something else !

    im looking for more of this :Angelina_Jolie_wallpaper_0271.jpg

    Im really just interested in just trying to paint a nose , but source the lips and eyes .

    is it possible i can do this without having to use the whole persons face? 

    Im really trying to do more of a japanese skin with pouty lips . Their eye bags ( mother goose skins for example) 

    im having trouble on . the rest i can possibly do! Any Tips ? and Picture Refrences you can point me out on? 

    for once i think Google failed me for search on pictures of lips and eyes :'(


    Candi Renfew


  5. Ok , so i see skins with Drawn Cleavage or Possibly photosourced Cleavage on a skin template , uploaded in sl and made as a cleavage exchancer or option on skins. How exactly do i draw cleavage? any tips? and mabey on a Eloh Template? i noticed Eloh doesnt have a Cleavage option thats close together. For example Esuga skin cleavage . I want to learn how to make cleavage on the template. Instead of the Appearence menu.

  6. Can u show me some of the links creators use to paint the nose? like direct links. Digital painting noses?

    i tried to look at some but they were very hard!

    Plus is it possible i can do that in a different window?



    Much help needed!!

    when i mean links i mean sites or sources they used when they were painting. And painting the nose changes the avatars look entirely . Please can u help me! Kinda despirate here.

    Much help needed thanks



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