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  1. Has anyone else had issues logging in with the Bakes On Mesh viewer? I had a lot of login bugs on the beta one, but now that I'm getting it with the default viewer it's worrying. Usually the first login is fine, but logins after that aren't. Like I used to log in as a hunched goblin. Right now it's getting stuck on the loading screen, or I'll log in and my inventory will never load. Bakes on Mesh itself is fantastic, I heavily look forward to working with it, but for some reason it doesn't like working with me.
  2. On various avatars that don't share any items, I occasionally seem to lose gravity. It's been happening since last year, but it's only once or twice every other month so I haven't been bothered much by it. My friend's usually can jump on me and push me down or kick me away like a balloon, so it's not lag I think. I use Firestorm and Firestorm beta, and due to the rare-ness of the problem I haven't tried other viewers. It's a neutral gravity, so momentum and being pushed dictates which direction I float in, and I use a floating animation. If I go into flying mode I can control myself and land, but if I walk or get pushed it might happen again, but relogging tends to fix it. When landing I can usually tell if I'd fly away again because while standing I will hover up and down slightly, or a lot if I stand still for a long time. The only abnormal thing I think I have is a large messy inventory, which I don't think could be related. I will bounce off sim borders and resume floating in the other direction. I don't know of any items that I own that could do this, and I'm certainly not wearing any. Usually happens when in-sim teleporting (double-click, move to, etc, not landmarks) and especially if I'm in a building (or just hollow mesh cubes even). It's happened on multiple sims. The closest thing I saw was when someone in 2007 saw they were wearing a gravity item. But I'm not? What is causing this weird issue?
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