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  1. Thank you Luna, exactly the point I was trying to make. If they have an issue, send in a jira. I wasn't even bothering anyone. If they were in their own homes doing their own thing, I would not even be in this thread. Blessings, Ruby
  2. This post has nothing to do with it correct. We all have health issues, even I. The post shouldn't be here at all. It should be removed from taking a photo of me and downward. That is the issue. Got a gripe? take it up with the original poster. That is where the issue lies. That is the person who first started the drama. Best wishes. Ruby
  3. The moment the person IMed me that sent me the link showed they knew who I was. Name on it or not. They knew the sim, they knew the photo. Just saying, don't post others photos without asking. Thank you. Blessings, Ruby
  4. They obviously weren't here then when others were sitting on the signs, one standing on the barrier pole at top, and 2 fur avatars making out in a boat along the shore... People have to get their homes anyways through their account, so standing here doing nothing shouldn't be an issue.. Instead you get people IMing you going... you're keeping them from building... Um.. no... no one is keeping them from building. It is already set up nicely inside the mailbox.. all they have to do is set it up where you try and get the house through your account. If someone has an issue, then just stick to r
  5. Understood, but until someone had posted about me to begin with, this never would have been an issue. I haven't bothered anyone, and now I have to defend myself. Strange in Second Life. Personally, I would just like them to delete this thread and move on. It doesn't warrant even having a photo of me or anyone else. Instead, would that be a form of TOS form of harassment? Just a thought. Blessings - Ruby
  6. I shared this post with one of the Moles. Explained what was going on. People need to find a life, and leave others alone who haven't bothered anyone. Such a shame... I've been trying to promote Second Life, and it is posts like this makes me wonder why I bother... Blessings, Ruby
  7. I find it interesting that this line has made it to as far as it has. I guess you all are bored and feel the need to police people on Second Life. Perhaps instead, maybe focus on your own time in SL and less worry about people in game. If you are so concerned about my welfare.. I'll let you know how I spent my time. I most of the time was in RL.. on the webcam with another SL player who is older and was lonely (because most of you all focus on pointing out people instead of getting to know them. I don't. I get to know people, chat with people. There are a lot of nice folks out there. .I
  8. While you feel the need to be very negative to the people of Second Life. I might have been sitting there (harmlessly no less), I was on the phone with another Second Life citizen who was depressed because she had to go on leave because her father was dying of cancer. So if I didn't answer any of you, it was because I was trying to comfort someone who already lost a daughter, a mother, and now possibly her only income to sit at home while she cares for her dying father. Something to think about. Take care and God Bless. - Ruby
  9. I just got the map, stumbled on that one. I actually have 2 premium accounts. One for my main, one for my builder. I was out of state for a week. Was kind of hoping to come back to the chance to get at least one. Someone recently told me to just keep refreshing my house thing. So, now my time is spent in refreshing. I don't go by "any minute now" because depending on where you are at (I am in CST), one can never be certain to when they mean it or not. I thought about joining the Community just to be in the loop, but not being a resident, I wasn't sure if that was allowed, and did
  10. I've been a Premium for over 11 years dear. I would say at this time with Patch Linden closed his post about the new places, that it is more than likely won't be available any time soon. And they won't inform you personally. They usually just out of the blue post a notice about it on their blog here and if you're lucky to catch the post and get in when the wave hits, maybe you might get lucky enough to get one. Hang in there though, one never knows when... Blessings.
  11. Thank you for the chuckle. As I've just taken a peek to see if they listed the new locations yet, and they aren't there.. I fear your hypothesis needs a little more "tweaking".
  12. I know what you mean. I abandoned my old linden house as well. I want one of the traditional ones as well. ❤️ I am a Premium Member as well. I recently fell, so have had to take some time resting (with pain pills). Hoping to get one of the new ones before the 16th if possible. Before my fall, I had purchased tickets to go up and see my son and his family. My grand son's 3rd birthday is this month. I've been wandering around the new lands hoping to find a possibility of a home available. Nothing yet. Blessings.
  13. I would like to have it on Marketplace that besides No Copy, No Mod, No Transfer, they add DEMO. That way you can clean up the Marketplace and get rid of it when you try to search for something free you don't get half the fake things that aren't demo, but the designers put that in there so that it brings it up. It is rather annoying when I could care less about Demo's on Marketplace. Leave Demo's for the store when you visit them. Otherwise, the word Demo in some instances is misleading and with so many pages to go through, gets rather annoying. I agree, I also find where people put G
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