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  1. Thanks for hanging in there with me PeeWee and not giving up on me or the problem! A million times thank you!
  2. Yours was actually the EXACTLY correct answer but I had found it and was typing the thank yous before I saw your response so I gave the "correct answer" pts to the girl who tried so hard to help me. I did give you the points for helpful answer... if it is possible to switch that I will Thank you so much!
  3. I GOT IT!!!!! It was a gesture this RP place gave me that were activated! GRRRRRRRRR!!!! Once I found them, I deactivated them and it fixed me!!!! Thank you SOOOOOO much for ALL your time and your help!!
  4. Thankfully, it is just my /me that isn't working/showing in general chat Unless I type /0/me action When I type /me it auto does /2/me
  5. I am on Phoenix also. My boyfriend tried to break himself and the /2/me didn't actually "break" him because it didn't make him always go to channel 2. He was able to very next time do /me and it went to channel 0. Likewise, when I tried // and // then /me action it didn't fix me We need to find out how to change the default channel back to 0?
  6. I typed // then /me action and still nothing. I typed //2 and then /me action and still nothing. I typed //me action and nothing What command line should I type exactly? Sorry if I'm being noob lol
  7. OK!! We are getting somewhere! Using that logic, I typed in /0/me action and it worked! But how do I make that the default again where the /me happens automatically on channel 0 vs channel 2?? we're so close!! lol
  8. Thanks for replying! I understand that logic... but I typed something to turn this on that is replacing my /me with /2/me... do you have any idea how to turn that off and get back to the default? Thanks again!
  9. I went to an RP sim and in a NC they had me type something like /2 me and now my emotes of /me "insert action" are not coming through in chat.  They are just disappearing.  When I type "my /me isn't working" what shows up is: "my /2/ me isn't working"   Is there a function that controls the /me emote that they could have had me turn off without me realizing what I was doing?  If so, how do I turn it back on?  Help??
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